Pyramid Of Hate - (The NEW market Cycle of Emotions!) Poll

We love pyramids round these parts, love 'em and so too do the ADL!

Have a gander at the pyramid of Hate and select which level you think we are at! Feel free to share this one to get the greatest sample group ever to be seen!

  • RED - Genocide
  • ORANGE - Bias-Motivated Violence
  • GREEN - Systemic Discrimination
  • BLUE - Acts of Bias
  • PURPLE - Biased Attitudes

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You choice of colour may vary depending on your region, but sure we’re all in this together WWG1WGA!

More detail here to help you choose:

Austrian Regime uppin’ the game all the same.

Probably need a genocide clock at this point, be careful when you ask a stranger for the time… 2 seconds to what now? :icon_eek: