Pyrite issues in Moyglare Hall ?

Hi All

I am looking to buy in Moyglare Hall and have been made aware of pyrite in the area. I have asked the estate agent about this and they are aware of it but mentioned nothing when I went to view.

Can anyone shed any light on this?


Little enough in the way of pyrite related threads,this thread though would be enough for me to look somewhere else,life is too short.

Funny that the poster listed in at number 3 in his list of downsides ahead of the distance betwixt it and the train station…its deserving of a siren and flashing lights to be honest.

A house with pyrite doesn’t really have a lot of upsides regardelss how spacious the rooms.

Poor form that such a massively pertinent issue was not disclosed.

A house with pyrite has no upsides.

Personally, I would look somewhere else.

If you got it at a decent discount it might be worth it, and if you had no intention of selling for a long time.

I’m not sure how much it would cost to set right (€20k maybe?), but it might also give you the opportunity to upgrade other aspects of the floor too (more insulation, underfloor heating). I would have a concern that if the builder was prepared to take the piss by using pyrite contaminated crushed rock that it might just be a tip of the iceberg with other problems waiting to be discovered. It’s also likely that similar rock was used around external works (drains, sewers) and they might also have issues?

Only time would tell - and this is one instance where you would be better looking in from outside than looking out from a pyrite manor at the situation, Gobbys.
If in doubt - stay well out!

Stay well away from an estate that has proven Pyrite issues. I would not necessary trust what an EA says on the matter. The only way to be sure is to check which quarry, the infill was quarried from and whether that particular quarry has pyrite issues. Pyrite does immediately manifest itself and I wouldn’t necessarily trust those going around repairing pyrite infested estates either.

Hilariously, you start this thread on the morning my inbox was abuzz with MyHome price changes in Moyglare Hall:

Your thread came before the flurry of price changes so maybe this is Coonan Estate’s ingenious reverse psych response to pyrite-related whispers.

Hi All

Thank you for all your responses. I am currently trying to find out what quarry the infill was supplied from. Can anyone advise if there is a way of finding out what quarries have been affected with Pyrite? I have seen articlaes that mention the 3/4 or 5 quarries have had pyrie issues but can only find the name of one on the quarries. Any advice on where I can find out what quarries were affected?

You’re far better off demanding a Engineers report on what’s actually been used, rather than guessing based on what *might *have been used !

Even if you don’t buy, the seller will now have a report that they can use to allay the fears of the next potential buyer.