Q&A - Property related questions answered

Buying a on bed shoebox is nuts unless the fundamentals (location (demand) and rental yield (8%) support the price).

At least they could rent a room if the repayments get stiff. Better risk?

Probably more to do with the fact that one bed values fall like aerodynamically shaped lead bricks, when the market gets real.

In the 1989-1992 crash in the UK studio and one bed apartments were hammered.

Just try and imagine, who is going to buy them if prices return to normal levels?

propertypin slush fund :wink:

An Agrophobic? :laughing:

shoe storage?

Somebody who occasionally/semi-regularly works in the area the apartment is in?

Either that or the fire brigade lads are gonna be very busy 8)

Someone who owns a two bed adjoining it?