Q2 2011 survey of Irish Market - Market cycle of emotions

Public Emotional response to house market

  • Optimism
  • Excitement
  • Thrill
  • Euphoria
  • Anxiety
  • Denial
  • Fear
  • Desperation
  • Panic
  • Capitulation
  • Despondency
  • Depression
  • Hope
  • Relief

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Based on general conversations with your friends, colleagues, or intuition what do you reckon the public mood towards the house market is?

Surely it must move beyond ye olde fear this time.

I forecast we start climbing back up to “Denial” - and drink ourselves silly there for the next 50 years!

I had Desperation last September, Fear in January, and now put DENIAL, honestly the country is in reverse mode, tis unbelievable :blush:

I went for denial though I’m seeing enough developing signs to suggest that I could ticking the fear option in July

Feck sake lads, this is linear not a Lada with a dodgy gearbox. :frowning:

Only Fear, I regret at this stage

The Irish are collectively stupid. That is why our application to rejoin the UK in 2016 will be refused.

I just clicked back through some previous polls and, yep, we’re hardly moving. Even the September 2007 results are broadly in-line with those from this latest poll.

Either Pinsters have no ability to interpret market psychology, or we’re locked in a state of perpetual national damnation.

We’re definitely past Denial, I mean lets be honest who could deny the amount of shit we’re in? I believe we are in quiet Desperation with lots of people silently waiting to see when their bailout will come only to be disappointed to find out their extra taxes and levies are welcome but their expectency of a digout isnt.

agreed- sure your granny will tell you now is not a good time to buy. I would say we’re close to the capitualtion stage (as a state also) but I haven’t seen much sign of panic which makes me wonder. Therefore desperation it must be.

We’re not past denial I reckon.

What I mean is that people are not connecting the dots between the fucked country, the fucked banks, and the property market. They are seen as islands. Most people haven’t really been affected yet by the fucked country or the fucked banks, even though they’ve seen the big numbers every time a new bailout is announced.

Denial! Denial! Denial!

Only people who are following it with interest are aware of the scale of things. Until the hypothetical becomes reality on the street, i dont think there will be any widespread feelings of capitualtion etc.

If you have a job, or on welfare or pensionable (and that is a large percentage of the population), the true impact of the various bank bailouts has not hit you yet. Your take home pay has been hit, stealth taxes are up, but the effect on the ground is no where near proportional to the debt being taken on in the name of futre tax payers.

What? Most people haven’t been affected? So whats the feckin Universal Social Charge for then? Whats the reduction on pension contributions for then? What are the extra levies being paid by the public sector and everybody else for then? What are the reductions on what you can claim on a Med 1 or 2 for? Heres a suggestion have a look at your next payslip and get someone to explain it to you.

Thanks for the attack.

I firmly believe that in spite of the USC, pension contributions, levies and tax break reductions, it is not reflective of the scale of the problem. It is plugging a 19bn hole with a 4bn plug. The true scale of what has happened to Ireland has not yet filtered down, thanks to ECB liquidity and the IMF bailout.

Surely you can’t deny this?

I’m well aware of what’s happened with my payslip thanks very much, and I would point out that I am not in denial myself.

I clicked fear but my heart was telling me we are still firmly rooted in denial.


I agree with 23rdbuchanan, most people think it’s not so bad so far, but I think they can see that there is more to come. I bloody hope they can anyway as they’re going to get a nasty shock whatever happens.

I’m with FEAR. I know my circle of friends & work colleagues have not sat down & put the whole jigsaw together. They are fearful of the sound bites but do not understand just how snookered this country is!

First time I voted for Fear over denial. I think denial is rampant still, you’d be surprised how many people think the debts are manageable and the US is recovering etc, but we just edged into fear, I think we could be there till the end of 2012 .

I agree with this. People were terrified of the last budget and, for the majority, their attitude towards the outcome was that “it wasn’t that bad”. As if it is over now. And even for those who know there is more to come, well, they lost a few quid at the last budget and expect to lose a few more next time. And I’m talking about people who really should be able to connect the dots. One such person told me that she is going to buy later in the year because prices are good and “NOBODY can say what is going to happen”.

So, although there is fear, there is still a large element of denial about the scale of the problem.

Private fear, public denial.