Q3 QNHS: 190k jobs gone in 12 months

Unemployment rises to 12.7% but this does not include the circa 60k that have dropped out of the labour force due to being discouraged. Total employment in the economy fell 190k (8.8% of total employment) in the year to September. Employment fell 16k in Q3. Construction lost circa 80k jobs.
cso.ie/releasespublications/ … t/qnhs.pdf

Thanks for this - until now, looking at quarterly data, there has been a very close correspondence between the numbers increase in unemployed as per QNHS and the increase in the Live Register. Will go off and check to see if that’s still the case!


PS. In addition to discouraged, there’s also emigration! About 30,000 new-EU-10 have left (that they know of).

And Leon is getting larger…

RTÉ News Report

So there’s 1,920,000 people at work, just 80k off the magic 2m.

Sounds good, but I presume a lot of these folks in work are part-time.

Comments from Goodbody

Page 6 of that report shows that full time employment has fallen from 1.764m to 1.510m in 2 years.

250,000 full time jobs gone. Happy Christmas.