QNHS Q4 2011

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Mixed news-
Number unemployed up y.o.y.,
number employed down y.o.y.
but for first time in 4 years the number employed has increased q.o.q.

The good news is actually not so good. Full time employment fell in the quarter whilst the number underemployed in part time work grew by 6,000. These 141,000 persons are counted towards are levels of employment. I’m not sure how these translate into seasonally adjusted.

The unadjusted number of people employed fell by 0.05%, 1,383.7k to 1,383.0k
The number of part time workers increased from 421.8k to 424.8k
From what I could tell from the report, the seasonally adjusted number is based on equivalent full time jobs (but I can’t see their workings) and showed an increase of 10,000.

Of Part-Time workers, the number not underemployed fell from 286.1k to 283.3k and the underemployed increased from 135.7k to 141.5k.
I’m not sure how significant the distinction between “not underemployed part time” and “underemployed part time” is as to be classified as “underemployed” you don’t have to be actively looking for work you, just have to say that you would be willing to work more hours. Sure for the right money, who wouldn’t?

And Q1 2012 is out now.
overview here
cso.ie/en/newsandevents/pres … rter12012/
and qnhs here
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needless to say there isn’t much good news there.

labour market isn’t shrinking as fast I expected which I can only assume is because more young people are coming in to the labour market from school and college than are leaving via emigration.

The census tells us that the population is increasing yet we have a decreasing labour force.

Is it fair to deduce that this is the result of emigration, mostly by the young and able, who really should be driving force behind economic growth?

We lost another 15K full time jobs last quarter and 22K jobs in total.

1,250 jobs a week!!!

Do we know if the internship job destruction pension raid figures are counted, afaik they are. It’s being done to bring Live register numbers down to kepp TROIKA happy. I don’t have a pension myself but hey at least it’s working hard for somebody :unamused:

Keeping unemployed people on FÁS courses and thoe in JobBridge, etc off the Live Register is blatant manipulation of the figures

I believe that is the case but I’ve yet to get a definitive answer on it.

The only stat worth looking at is the full time employment numbers. A lot of part time workers would still be receiving unemployment assistance and there has been an upward trend on there numbers in the past few years.

Virtually the majority of my staff have been part time and also on part time, becasue of this and rent allowance good people wont’ take positions of responsibility. Now its just frustrating as hell at the moment.

You can take it from me I was told in no uncertain terms that jobridge was to get live register figures down to appease the TROIKA gods.

It’s a game, they use your incredulity and pension fund to role the dice once more.

I agree about that full time employment stats. It a a lot like the peak oil concept as an analogy, we’ve had peak employment (along with a lot of other peaks). Its not coming back.

What is Peak Employment Vs Today’s Employment eh?

I worked that out a while back on CSO’s statbank. I’ll get it up again…

cso.ie/px/pxeirestat/Statire/Gra … 50&rotate=

Full time employment numbers are going back to 1999 levels.

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So we’ve rolled back 10 years employment gains in 5 years

Thanks for that!

The Q2 2012 Quarterly National Household Survey (QNHS) published at 11.00am on Wednesday 19th September.

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Indicator Apr-Jun
Employed 1,787,900 – 33,400
Unemployed 308,500 + 4,000
In labour force 2,096,400 – 29,500
Not in labour force 1,389,800 + 12,900

Available now

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long term unemployment now at 60% of all unemployed.

The monthly unemployment percentage rates are now meaningless. when people leave employment now it appears a large proportion of them leave the labour market completely e.g. emigrate, kill themselves(wish I was making a sick joke rather than it being the actual truth), etc…
At least Ireland can look forward to the remittances from abroad.

Pravda headline: Unemployment rate “STEADY” at 14.8%.
That’s good to hear.

rte.ie/news/2012/0919/unempl … iness.html

Meanwhile a smaller labour force provides the tax base… :frowning:

Huge drop in the numbers of people over the age of 15 resident in Ireland. This figure was fairly consistent at 3.505 million the past year or two but has dropped by 20K this quarter.