Quality of irish housing stock and unsold properties

hello all,

this is probably more related to the Country type of houses. There is a large proportion of houses on DAFT that are possibly unsellable. with the boom particular over the past 5 years there was some real poor quality stock put up, im building at the moment and i know that for 5-10% extra on certain things like windows, insulation, roof materials that you can really change the look and quality of a house. location is also off the wall in some circumstances.

so what Im getting to here is that of the 70K houses for sale on DAFT, only 20-30% of them might be considered by purchasers as real possibilities.

I rented a new house for a year for some employees on a project. I had to stay there a few times. I was shocked by its build quality. I know the building regs and this place horrified me. Complete Crap. There are dozens of houses for sale in that estate. Would not touch any of them. Who appoved them? He should be struck off.

everything is for sale and sellable at a price. the irish LOVE land even if it is useless and unuseable. just look at the farm land out there that has a negative yield and has had one for a long time.
1 in 8 irish lost their life to get to america in order to stake their claim to free land in the states. with a mentality like that good luck if you think they are unsellable.

I wonder if there is correlation between some price drops and the impending arrival of the BER certs.

remeber in the coutry that even if there is a house on a site, it does not mean that you will get planning for a new house etc on that site, so there are loads of houses out there that are one off’s that the builder was what he liked,

i.e. white pvc front doors,
poor insulation,
tiles or fiber cement slates,
goofy designs etc.

or… 1 in 8 left died while trying to leave the place coz they couldnt afford to buy here

or 1 in 8 died coz the land here couldnt support them

etc etc etc

i rented a new house for a few months last year and it was the worst build quality imaginable. Firstly the houses are on top of a hill so its very windy, nothing major with that, expect the daft proofing was non existence. you had to really pull the living room door to get it closed and when it did close the wind coming under neath the door was un-real.
Also just before we moved out we started to notice tiny white spiders everywhere, we were told by a pest control company that they appear in house were the plaster was not dried property. The pest control fella said he’s inundated with people that have these spiders in their houses.

Since i moved out 3 months ago, 2 other groups of rents have moved in and out again within 2 day each, its that bad a house. The houses in that estate are on the market for well over a year at 205k and i’d say 50k is too much.
Thankfully the builder is in real trouble and has had all his equipment repossessed, it wont be long before his land banks and unsold houses are the banks property too, but it serves him right for building such shite house and ripping people off for so long.


Now I’m worried about having spider nightmares!