Quantitive Easing - Cartoon - The Ben Bernank

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npr.org/blogs/money/2010/11/ … al-reserve

QE translated into “Plain English”

Brilliant. Are there any more of these cartoons? I’d like to see the same subject treatment applied to say, general relativity, the third law of thermodynamics, quantum mechanics and the uncertainty principle. Who needs a lifetime of study and devotion when you have these brilliant little cartoons. The lowest common denominator is getting lowier.

I got it here:
creditwritedowns.com/2010/11 … ained.html

but I think these guys created it… and have more at

conservativeeconomist.com/co … ?showId=54

Here is a commentary on the video

Quantitative Easing Explained - Pater Tenebrarum → acting-man.com/?p=5546

More about the activities of “the Bernank”

In a similar vein…