Quarter 4 Ultra Lockdown Plus, 2022 - Economic Armageddon Watch

It’s a weird thing to still be in the Menace matrix as the menace burns said old matrix to the ground while still being in it, not the first rodeo, but her we go again, but different, reset to the death different - logically all the Mence minions have left is go hard, go further lock double plus good.

Is it not logical next moves can only be deeper harder and more tyranny, a la the fake “war economy” schtick, but it’s asymmetrical tyrannical-lockdown, be it fuel rationing, food rationing and attempting to introduce food-ID-2-live arrangements as being tried elsewhere in the world.

Otherwise, the Menace will be dead’ed for good, so what choice does it have but to squeeze tighter and harder.

A list of things:

  • The Coivds is on the Rise (mass injections induced sickness & death meets PCR test scam)
  • The Economica Fantastica is super imploding (A planned controlled demolition by the Menace)
  • Menace nexus Ukraine is being routed (run row not int he game plan)
  • Taiwan Menace nexus next? (… if we can just wait maybe it won’t happen)

On the flip, my longer range pre-coivd expectation is for a Menace free reality for good and you won’t know yourself.

4th Qtr 2022 super duper asymmetrical lockdown living proposition and play - part of the permanent lockdown movement of you, your life and everything your love and hold dear.

Yes but survival in the short to medium term may get tricky depending on how unsettled things get. Plus we don’t have a homogenous population any more, so there is potential for more group conflicts. I’ve basically hunkered down in suburbs. The thought of moving to a rural or off-grid location as a middle-aged jackeen is daunting. Veggies are in the garden here now, will keep planting more & putting cans etc. by…


Interesting point on the homogenous population.
It could be argued it hasn’t been homogenous since before the Vikings arrived but it certainly has been cohesive in my lifetime. In the world I lived in there was no state intervention to address differences between celts, viking, normans, 16th century planters, descendants of Cromwell’s soldiers etc. and we all just got on with it. It can only be easier for the state to divide and conquer people who, even if they weren’t technically homogenous at least broadly saw themselves as such for most intents and purposes.


The fractionation of the population is a key component of the asymmetrical warfare as delivered (but slowly at first) under the UN replacement migration policies part of the Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 scheme being the very antithesis to the founding of the the Irish State.

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A little historical point of information - the insidious nature of Agenda 21 was raised here on the pin back in 2012 no less, but we’re balls deep as they say on the yellow brick road to Agenda 2030 at this stage.

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Menace signals Mask reimposition for October plans in Germany - Germans Vs The Menace - #20 by Pill

  • There was never any vaccine. :ballot_box_with_check:

Ok so the Mask signal was strong two weeks ago,:

Notably in menace media, these moves have been framed in a because of “rise in cases” reasoning or to prevent “surge in cases”, in the case of the Army to the Airport (what will they do shoot cases on sight or march cases to internment camps?)

Looking at the official data, there is no rise in cases readily apparent.


Testing in hospitals and external labs is very low, similar to 2020 levels and so cases are very low, fake cases but real and rising hospitalisations.

I have no idea who/what elects people like this…

Now the elections are done, and Le Lame Duck has his next few years mapped out for him, they can pull a stunt like this. Off course, the Gilet Jaune gripes haven’t gone away, tu connais


I thought he was leaving the limelight and going back to his day job? His day job being the manufacture of vaccine ingredients.


Animal Pharma asks

Do you like FREE Cake?

  • Yes

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So you can take it that people overall are now souring to the idea of vaccinations and not just being assaulted with lethal GMO injections marketed and propagandised as fake vaccines, oh no.


One in four people, or 25 per cent, say they are more likely to get vaccinated for other diseases as a result of getting protected against Covid-19.

Yet, according to the latest Dear Dr.Henry & Co, the tough message is, despite being protected by the injections for the Coivds means they have no protection, so they are not protected, but we all like Cake and that’s that.

September September

It’s behind you

Every bobble head in that video wore demonstrably ineffective masks for the theatrical effect only, most probably enforced by the Regime TV crew.

Also, don’t forget to apply the Super Duper protocol, i.e. Duper Donnelly get first dibs on outlying next stage in “the plan”.

Let’s watch what other bobble heads circle around the swirling vortex of doom in the next few days and weeks.

Only missing science you seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

June 29th:


Re-broadcasting the same plan as outlined 8 days ago in the media.