Quarter 4 Ultra Lockdown Plus, 2022 - Economic Armageddon Watch

It’s behind you

Every bobble head in that video wore demonstrably ineffective masks for the theatrical effect only, most probably enforced by the Regime TV crew.

Also, don’t forget to apply the Super Duper protocol, i.e. Duper Donnelly get first dibs on outlying next stage in “the plan”.

Let’s watch what other bobble heads circle around the swirling vortex of doom in the next few days and weeks.

Only missing science you seeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

June 29th:


Re-broadcasting the same plan as outlined 8 days ago in the media.

A flavour of what might occur - Shop closures! :astonished: :roll_eyes:

RT is borked in Europe so for those without a VPN here is some of the story:

EU country may close stores to conserve power

Amid energy crisis in Europe, about 2,800 Finnish stores may have to close their doors periodically this winter

EU country may close stores to conserve power

A man shops in a supermarket in Vaasa, Finland, March 28, 2020 © AFP / Olivier Morin

Grocery stores in Finland could have to take turns closing for hours at a time to reduce their energy usage this winter, the country’s grid operator told news outlet YLE on Sunday. With fuel shortages expected, Finnish households will also be told to lower their consumption.

According to the grid operator, Finland’s roughly 2,800 food stores will need to come to arrangements with each other over who will close and who will stay open if power is rationed in a particular area. This kind of agreement is especially important in rural areas to ensure that all the outlets in one town or village don’t end up shutting at the same time, YLE noted.

Finland has not escaped the Europe-wide rise in fuel and energy costs that followed the EU’s sanctioning of Russia after Moscow sent its troops into Ukraine in February. In May it applied along with Sweden to join the NATO alliance and has already had its gas supply from Russia cut off after refusing to pay for the commodity in rubles, as Russia had asked all *“unfriendly”*countries to do.

Finland only uses gas to generate around 3.6% of its electricity, with most power generated in the Nordic nation coming from hydro and nuclear, per figures from 2020. Until recently, however, Finland imported just under a fifth of its power from Russia and Estonia. Finland voluntarily dropped the amount of Russian power it was importing in April, and was cut off entirely by its Russian supplier, RAO Nordic, which said it had stopped receiving payment from Finland.

The country’s newest nuclear reactor, originally slated to open in 2009, has not yet come on line either. YLE reported last month that the reactor will not start producing power until December, when it is expected to meet nearly one sixth of the country’s demand. Equipment malfunctions and other technical issues have plagued the nuclear project since its construction began in 2005.

With a crunch looming once the cold Finnish winter sets in, the government will urge households to lower their consumption from August onwards, as is already happening in several other European countries.

Along with the EU’s 26 other member states, Finland has also committed to voluntarily lowering its gas consumption by 15% over the winter, under an agreement that could become mandatory if the bloc declares a state of emergency.

Archive link: https://archive.ph/tpm9c

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Consent being manufactured in advance:

There is a steady drum beat of job losses in the tech sector over the last 6 months.

One acquaintance tells me his company have been through 2 rounds of layoffs already this year. Company still not profitable either.

Bank of England forecasting their economy will shrink by 2.1% this year.

Sleepy Joe on the other hand thinks the US isn’t in recession and is in fact in the best health ever.

Rolling retail blackouts.

Already happening.

Perhaps wrong thread

Is this what winning the war in Ukraine looks like?

“Sometimes, there’s a chart that just blows your hair back. In 22 years of doing this, none stand out like this one. Last week, institutional traders bought $8.1 billion worth of put options. They bought less than $1 billion in calls. This is 3x more extreme than 2008.”



How long was I telling ya all to prepare?

Now ZH goes full OW.

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We all know who got the lifeboats on the Titanic!

Oh so it wasn’t women and children first then?

only for the wealthy.