Query Posted 5TH June Reference Wyckham


I posted a query on 5Th June, and I have not been back on this site until today, The Query was as follows.

I am new to this site and came across it because I was looking at purchasing a property in the Wyckham/Dundrum point development. I have read with interest the large number of posts with reference to this development. I viewed a property there in Sept 07. last week I went back to see how much prices had fallen. The estate agent infromed me that there were no properties left in this development as they had all been sold…!!!and there was me thinking we were in the middle of a property down turn. Anybody know if the developer slashed prices to shift all of these.? or am I actually being told the truth, wondering if the developer has simply rented out a large number of units.?

Thanks for all the responses which I have just reviewed and here are the answers to the questions asked.

I am a cash buyer. I sold my house last October.
I first viewed the development in September
I dealt With Hooke And McDonald.
I was looking at a 2 bed penthouse apartment. Hooke And McDonald saide the price was 720k and then came back and said they would do a deal at 675k
I decided to wait and as I said in my last post went back to them in June to be told that there were no units available.
When I viewed the development in September a numbe rof units were already occupied.

I have seen the post which gives the information on available properties, which contradicts my exoerience.

Apologies for not getting back on sooner and replying to those who took the time to reply.

Wyckham Point is a quality development. I’d buy there. I heard the builders are top quality and the management company is really well run. Also everyone in that development drive cars no more than 5 years old and the build quality is just fabulous.

That’s what I heard.

I imagine it would be a great place to lay down some “foundations”.

Looks like H&McD were telling you porkies, they’ve a selection available for sale in the development…check out myhome.ie

A fool and their money… :unamused:

The selling agent is exagerating/spinning/lying. I can see plenty of properties in Wyckham listed for sale on Daft. Eg. daft.ie/1309889

Saying everything is sold out, is a standard selling technique used by EAs. They try to convince you that the property youre looking for, is in short supply. Later they can easily call you and say that one unit has become available due to a buyer pulling out. This enables them to get a higher price from you. They use this kind of misinformation and then guage your reaction to it, to decide what kind of buyer you are.

They are primarily trying to decide if you are an informed and discerning buyer or a sucker that can be played.

I heard it’s nothing like the other million eggboxes that have been lashed up in Dublin over the last decade.

Wyckham Point is different.

H&McD may not have been telling porkies. You were asking specifically about a 2 bed penthouse. It could be that all the units “of that type” are gone. I don’t know if they are, but it would explain the confusion.

Good luck in your search.

Incidently, if you are a cash buyer with that kind of money, the interest you’d generate on it would more than pay the rent on a really nice penthouse in any one of a number of locations.

Have you fully thought through your options?