Query re Malahide Area Vs Others

I suppose im looking for more of a commetary/explanation re why houses in malahide still seem over priced relative to some area. Im from the north side but would of thought the likes of leopardstown where considered very nice yet i see houses such as this one:


This house is bigger and €30k to €40k at least less expensive than those for sale in seabury in malahide, am i missing something.

Myself and the other half are looking to buy in malahide or skerries later this year, early next year. we will hold off as long as possible. Problem is we want to spend 375k max, but most of the 3 bed semi’s in malahide (talbot avenue, seabury etc) are €420k to €450k. Are they likely to come down enough by then? If not we may have to look at slightly cheaper options in skerries.

However i notice this 4 bed semi on the market at 450k, why are some of the 3 beds in seabury so high. closer proximity?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … ide/195395

Thanks in advance

Malahide is sort of still in bubbleland. Many houses in the area have been on sale for well over a year, from vendors very reluctant to drop the price. Gravity is taking its toll but its very slow, I’d agree.

Seabury is a good 20-25 mins walk from Malahide village and almost the same distance from Swords, but for schools it counts as Malahide which is important.

Hi Kennyb3,
2 years ago, 3 bed semis in estates like Talbot were selling at 600k + (I know this from personal experience)
3 bed semis in Seabury tended to be a little bit less expensive as Seabury is a larger estate.
I’ve seen the 3 bed semis on the market in Talbot now asking 450k ish. They’ve dropped 150k+ and it does appear that prices are going only one way.
The link you posted to the house in Gainsborough for 450k is interesting. At peak (summer 2006) I know of a similar house in that estate that sold for 750k+
Gainsborough always attracted a premium as it just had a “good” name.
I’d hold fire if I were you.

A lot of property not worth the money, a lot of property which people paid too much for in the last decade and a lot of greedy stupid people who consider it to be Irelands Riviera. ( Sorry could resist the last comment. Its nice for a walk in the summer, hateful for traffic all year round and over priced (but that’ll change too). A few good restaurants a nice walk and the odd pub, end of.

Malahide is trying to defy gravity. I grew up there and saw it transform from a nice quiet village, admittedly with lots of Protestant inspired amenities, into an SUV choked traffic hole.

The inherent qualities that make it a good place to live - it’s seaside location, the DART, the castle etc - are rendered pretty much irrelevant if you buy a house somewhere like Seabury, which, as somebody already pointed out, is a half hour walk from Malahide village. You will find yourself being mostly car-based, and if you are going to be car-based, you can buy anywhere you like.

The houses in Seabury are fine houses, but are they any finer than similar houses anywhere else in Dublin that will force you to get into your car to do practically everything?

I think Malahide is only worth any kind of premium above normal if you get to use it’s village fully. Vendors there are likely to be the last to accept reality with regard to prices and drop their mantra “Yes, but it’s in Malahide”.

Thanks for the replies so far.

I take the point re it being 20 mins walk, this does seem to be a problem we have talked about but we concluded that there is a) a centra for milk etc only 5 to 8 mins away and b) in most other areas the school is not within waliking distance anyway. the traffic is a little bad but its no more than 5mins to get through the village - not exactly major congestion.

I suppose we are attracted to malahide by the following:

  • many nice restaurants
  • its scenic nature/ the sea
  • the castle and park (im a bigger runner so teh fact it is 10mins away wouldnt be a worry, what park isnt going to be)
  • the lack of anti social behaviour and the fact we feel it would be a good place for kids to grow up in
  • swimming pool nearby in portmarnock
  • DART line (on a sat or sun parking is possible in station - we both drive to work in drumcondra)

Our problem with seabury would be that it is an older estate - i.e less people our age and our future kids ages for friends but at least it has a green area unlike talbot avenue. We have looked at skerries too (she is from there) but alot of the housing estates such as kellys bay and skerries rock are near mourne view and/or kids from teh community college walk through after school. the other estates in skerries seem to be ‘old’. We looked at donabate - the houses are gorgeous but very little in it really - maybe 2 restaurants and pubs, seems a bit rougher too.

anyway im going a bit off topic but just want to give some reasoning and maybe even by chance someone will suggest somewhere more ideal. we would like to live nearer malahide village but the only places are seapark which is too expebsive and the likes.

suggestions welcome though.


I didn’t grow up there, but I agree. Living in and around the village would be great, but everywhere else is miles away.

Malahide restaurants are pricey too - due to mostly being used by non-locals “as a treat”.

The traffic is a pain. Angelo’s next door to the centra you mentioned is a nice chipper. I moved away from the area this year, but it still drags me back. :slight_smile:

15min walk imo and at least its only 5mins by car/taxi to restaurants and pubs. the 15min walk is an inconvenience in terms of going to the shop but not re teh castle or the sea - surely days out like this involve walking anyway. whats a walk down to them like? plus its only 5 min jog.

Its also much quicker home by car than getting to skerries or further a far.

anyway back on topic, would anyone care to hazard a guess as to when malahide property might be likely to fall and why? its hard to just sit back and wait without knowing when malhide property owners are going to stop living in cloud cookcoo land

The area is popular with business folk due to the proximity of the airport. Hence, plenty of non-Irish. Also lots of pilots. All helps to keep prices up. Still, rental yields are only around 3-3.5%. This implies (to me anyway) that prices have to fall another 25% or more.

You asked “when”, kennyb3. Mortgage rates are rising again so I would expect the next phase of the crash “The Panic” to start later this year. If you can, I would relax and look again next year.

Of course, others may have a different opinion…but that is what makes “a market”. :wink:


I suppose another option is to rent a house in the area (we are currently down in robswall in an apartment) see how we find it, wait it out and maybe even approach teh person we are renting from if we like the house.

Nothing stopping you offering 375k on a property over 400 is there?

Malahide, like all of south county dublin, lives a lie that it is ‘exclusive’. As posted by somebody yesterday SCD has the highest population density in the country, so by definition that’s not exclusive. It’s exclusive in the same way as driving a used 1 series BMW or c class merc is. Not that there is anything wrong with that whatsover, on the contrary. (well the 1 series is overpriced crap)

In reality how many genuinely exclusive or high end areas are there in Dublin? Howth hill, a few of the roads in Ballsbridge, a few terraces in Killiney with the view? That’s about it.

In reality while Seabury and around is a nice area, you are closer to Swords pavilions than you are to Malahide Dart. The sellers should have this pointed out to them and adjust their insane prices accordingly, but of course experience to date is that they’re more likely to cop a deaf 'un.