Query-Strandville Avenue, North Strand

Hi folks

Has anybody any opinions on this house?
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -3/1774590

I like it but am a little worried that there are 3 houses for sale on same stretch of road, and another one sold last year, and there are only about 6 houses on that bit of the street…
Thanks in advance

It used to be very rough around there. As in VERY. That said, things might be different now…

Thanks Calico

I would worry about it being underneath the 2 bridges a bit of an isolated spot but I’m more concerned about why so many houses on the same stretch of road would be for sale, s’pose it could be anything…there’s only 6 houses there and 4 for sale…
hmmm-- maybe keep looking

For a few quid more you could have this place on Seville Terrace already refurbed


Friend of mine lives on her own on this street and hasn’t had any problems of note