Ques outside the american embassy

I go past the american embassy in ballsbridge every day on the way to work. Have been ques outside every day for the last few weeks.

Is it simply a case of it being J1 season for students or are people beginning to emigrate or am I completely over reacting and maybe looking for doom and gloom where there is none?

I think you have answered your own question there! There has been ques outside the american embassy every may for the last decade or more and this year is no different.

If they were emigrating, it would be an strange choice of country to emigrate to at the moment!

I propose that in order to rescue this thread we discuss the countries that would be a good choice.

China for instance. Shanghai is supposed to be nice.

Ireland, once all the fair-weather people have left…

We’re not fairweather, all of us. Some of us just weren’t wanted in 1994-1999 and when we were wanted, we came back and continued to build this country. And we’re not the ones who were necessarily working in construction and development which led to this debacle.

I don’t personally want to leave to be honest with you. But if it so happens that I’m not wanted - again - despite contributing hugely to this country for the last 8 years, I will consider it.

Shanghai is not it for me, however.

:laughing: Google threw up a “Emigrate to Canada” ad. at the top of this thread for me. :laughing:

I’m off south for two years in June. I’ll live well and be back with plenty of cash. Being a “fair-weather” person is hardly a bad thing in my book. I’m just lucky to be so footloose.

You’re welcome to the unfair weather.


Shanghai is lovely

A very uninformed statment or that of a fool.

a cheap gag…

Ireland is a nice place to live

Canada is benefiting from close to full employment at the moment and there is strong skilled labour (trades) demand in central Canada, Calagary & Alberta particularly. Lots of emmigration opportunity.


That accent though. :confused:

No doot aboot it.

Moose porn

Apparently in the City of London and New York financial circles the saying is “Shanghai,Mumbai, Dubai or Goodbye”

Shanghai, Mumbai, Dubai or goodbye. The year of reverse bailouts

Huh? Would that be the stuff you would watch at a stag party?