Question on selling a house?

Aside from being completely wrong (in a moral sense), does anyone know if there anything stopping (in law or procedure) someone going Sale Agreed with two different buyers in case one or other pulls out?

Its the times we live in blady blah…

No solicitor will let you sign contracts with two different buyers nor is there any sane reason why you would want to do so. Think for the moment about what a contract means and you will see why.

Going sale agreed does not require a contract or a signature.

I’m sure buyers do it all the time, they find 2 houses they like and want to “reserve” them and then pull out of whichever one doesn’t suit!

in the uk its called a contract race and the vendors solicitor must tell you that 2 or more offers have been accepted.

it’s usually the case that the 1st one back gets exchanged … 0334/1129/

Seems to me that there are a lot of differences between practices here and in the UK.

For example, a friend of mine was buying a house in the UK. Went sale agreed and then wanted to get a structural survey done. The vendor refused saying that the buyer would only use it as an excuse to try and drop the price! Over here, I would guess that surveys are the norm.

in the uk it would be abnormal to buy a house without some sort of survey. this sellers behaviour could be described as ’ a bit irish’ in the uk :slight_smile: I hope your friend told them to get lost.