Question: PIA = Bankruptcy?

Jim Stafford’s comments got me wondering: there are a number of positions which one must resign if one is bankrupt - Garda, Judge, TD, Solicitor (I think) being four.

If one enters a PIA, does this count as being bankrupt for the purposes of having to resign?

Presumably an arrangement with the bank , even if there is a substantial write-off, doesn’t count.

Nope, one is not bankrupt if insolvent. Nor should one be.

I would amend the legislation slightly in that a PIP has to certify that a Garda, Judge, TD, Solicitor is fully co operating with the process, annually, given the likelihood of their being more open to corruption. I would aslo widen the certification net to include Accountants and Local Authority Planners and Senior Cilvil Servants starting at AP level.

A very sensible idea. There might be a problem with the PIP being leaned to to make the certification or simply a utterly corrupt PIP certifying everyone as co-operating.