Queue to view - 4 Hollybrook Grove, Clontarf

Went to view 4 Hollybrook Grove on Saturday. The queue was stretched out beyond the front garden like it were 2006! I actually felt nervous with the anticipation of bidding wars and the like.

Priced at 259 I think it caused such a flurry because its a desirable location with a potentially decent gaff at a price that I suspect the majority of fence sitters are comfortable with.

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … rf/1772373

Be interested in seeing what that goes for…

What sort of condition was it in - any idea on cost of bringing it up to standard?

just a really old house. gonna needs loads of work but really just aesthetic

In some countries people also queue for water.


Man oh man but Semi-D’s can be some ugly looking structures.

We’ve a long, long way to go methinks.

Indeed Semi-D spatial thinking is the worst design-non-design on the face of the planet. That one looks like a candidate ripe for very cold external walls estimating its ages by legacy internals, i.e. a time when insulation was a foreign land. Also looks a ex rental to me going by hodge podge of decor. However I could be wrong.

To OW’s eye it has no value like virtually all Semi-D’s. They are the prisons of old world thinking. The product of a failed way. A time of a depleted consciousness.

I remember looking at one of these to rent in the 1990s.It was split into two maisonettes.This one looks very,very similar.

So many things put me off once I stepped over the threshold.Just really a very ugly and badly designed house overall, combined with a lack of parking space if friends called over etc.,and the ubiquitous trains passing closeby. This one also has that old person has just passed away creepy feel to it. Definitely an exception to the location,location,location rule.

if it were done up i dont think it wouldnt be too bad. this ones not near the dart line. why is a semi d something bad? not sure i get that

It’s the Sliced Pan of housing.

I presume “maisonettes” is Celtic Tiger for “tiny house”.

There are a couple of other houses for sale in Hollybrook Grove. No 64 was for auction before Christmas but it obviously didn’t sell. Has an asking price of €279000 now - myhome.ie/residential/brochure/64-hollybrook-grove-clontarf-dublin-3/202137. I think that may have been stated as the reserve for the auction but not certain.

No 56 is asking €350,000 so a big price difference - myhome.ie/residential/brochure/56-hollybrook-grove-clontarf-dublin-3/1765397

Does anyone know what Hollybrook Grove is like? Even the €350000 house is a lot cheaper than most similarly sized houses in Clontarf.

I like sliced pan. I find it hard to make a nice sandwich without it.

Also, I could care less about what the house looks like outside.
Detached houses obviously attract a premium so if a semi-d has the space I need inside and out who really cares?

An aesthetically pleasing building, while nice, is very low on a long list of priorities.

I don’t see the link between semi-detached and ugliness. Nor between poor insulation/energy inefficiency and being semi-detached. The Hollybrook Grove house is badly insulated because it was built in the 1950s and clearly has not been appropriately upgraded since the 1970s/80s, not because it is semi-detached.

Just drive around rural Ireland if you want to see how repulsively and tastelessly ugly detached homes can be. There are plenty of attractive semi-detached and terraced houses in Ireland, as well as plenty of dog ugly ones. Ditto for detached.

Agreed. There is is something about those sprawling 1950’s and 1960’s identikit housing estates (look at Beaumont/Santry/Whitehall/Swords) that is so soul-destroyingly ugly. Maybe it is the relative leaflessness of these suburbs. Or the complete absence of “village” feel in contrast tto places like Ranelagh and Rathmines. Not to mention Sandymount. There are a plethora of these houses for sale in above mentioned areas, now going for prices that no longer make the eyes water. Often they are solid and well built with good front and back gardens. But would I live in one? Not in a fit. I grew up in one of those houses and wild horses wouldn’t drag me back.

I always thought that a maisonette was the same thing as a duplex, i.e. a split level house.

I don’t disagree about our fugly housing, but I wouldn’t single out Ranelagh and Rathmines as something special by any means. I’ve frequented both places – worked in Rathmines for years and played lots of snooker in Ranelagh before that. Also had friends living in both areas. Maybe it’s because I grew up as an outer suburbanite, but to me Rathmines and Ranelagh might as well be the city centre. I wouldn’t say Rathmines has any more of a “village” feel than anywhere between there and Dame Street. Same goes for D4. Different strokes, I guess.

Family homes draw the crowds

irishtimes.com/newspaper/pro … 44806.html

To be fair…

the asking on this one was much lower than whats on offer elsewhere in Clontarf (on a per sq fot basis).

My guess is, that a lot of people who showed up can not afford to pay more than the asking.

My guess is that this goes for around €320k, which puts it in line with other property sales in Clontarf.

Ballsy strategy by the EA, nice story for the times…but not sure that it changes anything.

Would agree with you there…

A village feel is where you know your neighbours, you know the local shopkeepers and the priest and so on…

you’ll get that in Crumlin a lot quicker than in Rathmines.