"Radon... It's a crazy feeling..."

As my old Physics teacher used to say! And he was a charlatan. :stuck_out_tongue:


9 chest x-rays a day? That would definitely have you reeling! XX

Must be sitting on huge uranium deposits!

Which should I be more vigilant about, the radon or the carbonmonoxide?

Right so.

200 a year, not insignificant. Lower than suicides, motor fatalities, but higher than deaths caused by head shops and carbonmonoxide (possibly).

Stats: cso.ie/statistics/principalcausesofdeath.htm

You don’t need a big deposit for a house in Sligo. :-GC

You leave the deposits after you’ve bought :wink:

So the Radiological Protection Institute suggest we all get tested.
€56 per house.They send you the kit you install leave for 3 months then return and they carry out the test.

Old Rope??

I did one in the UK 20 years ago (free) all it is is a little plastic detector about the size of a box of matches that you place in an occupied part of the house in a draught free area, after a couple of weeks you place it into a special bag and post back.

You get the results a few weeks after.

New house or old house? New houses since xxxx (I’ve no idea when, actually) have a radon barrier installed. Parts of the country are not in radon risk areas (Dublin and the Midlands at least).

Is Quango hunting season open again?

What really annoys me is that every time something like this happens RPI will be going on about how they cant believe so few people get their houses tested for the sake of €50 approx.

But, and it is a big but, there is no point knowing your radon level if you cant afford to fix it, the cost of reducing the levels can be anywhere between 2-5k and there are no grants. Ignorance is bliss in some cases. I had my house tested maybe 10 yrs ago, level was high, it changed how I felt about my home until I got it fixed. Every evening when I came home from work I felt there was something nasty lurking in my house, which of course there way. I luckily was in a position to get it fixed, was quoted 4k initially, in old pounds, but managed to finally get it done for 2.5k. Its still a load of money and even more so these days. As there is almost nothing you can do about the levels without spending money other than opening a few windows which wont help much I think I would have preferred not to know if I couldnt fix it. So while the test is cheap, the cure isnt, this is something that really could do with grant aid, would help the poor builders too.

1997 - introduction of B.Regs.
It’s not enough though- radon will eventually get through. Even with a barrier you will have a sump leading to an external pipe. Generally it is left capped.
What you are supposed to do is check your radon level, and if it is high attach a vent pipe to that. If that is not good enough, you then attach a fan to the vent pipe.

Don’t think I’ve ever come across someone who has followed all of the procedure or even knew they were supposed to…

There is an amazing invention that sorts out high Radon levels. It’s called ventilation.

Has anyone actually bothered to look at what radon barriers and sumps actually are. There is another source money for old rope. I know a couple of the shysters at this scam for many years.