Reports of a raid by the Gardai on the HQ of Anglo Irish Bank.


I wont hold my breath waiting for jail sentences, but at least it may make some people sit up and realise just how serious a situation we’ve got ourselves into.

Can I arrest Ulick McEvaddy? For ignorance to the point of criminality?

Actually, scratch that, I want to arrest Bertie Ahern for treason.


Absolutely brilliant ! Another example of speed, efficiency, and competence from the ODCE. Well done lads … :unamused:



Ah excuse me sir, why didnt they do that before taking over the bank? HELLO is there anybody there, f***ing dimwits.


Not only has the horse bolted by this stage but the jockey is probably enjoying the Canrival in Rio!



Remember the Untouchables, except this time the Untouchables are on the bank side of the counter


Hark! Is that the sound of someone pulling their finger out of their hole? Things must be bad.


I’d rather the Gards were in there then another tribunal was set up.
This could get to be fun.


My god. Would our government actually do that? I suppose they would going on their past form. Wonder did they get the files they wanted. Still seems like something from the movies though. And we’ve still got to see what comes out as suspects, motives and all that…


Gardaí: “Eh hello, Anglo Irish Bank? We’d like to come and visit.”
Anglo: “Sorry lads, we’re terribly busy at the moment. Give us a ring next week.”
Gardaí: “Grand. Sure there’s no rush. What’s that loud whirring sound?”
Anglo: “Nothing. Thanks for the call.”

Gardaí: “Eh hello, Anglo Irish Bank? Us again. How are ye fixed lads for a bit of a chat.”
Anglo: “What was that? Can’t hear you over these machines.”
Gardaí: “Jaysus lads that’s fierce loud whirring. Ye must be all ex-army.”
Anglo: “Busy, busy. Ring back next week.”

Gardaí: “Eh hello, Anglo Irish Bank? We’ll be dropping by today.”
Anglo: “No problem officer. We’re all public servants now!”
Gardaí: “Gift. Are your machines broken? 'Tis quiet as a graveyard there now.”
Anglo: “Don’t be finding any bodies on us now will ya!”

Much uproarious laughter all round!


Phew … its just as well the world hasn’t invented some kind of shredder, otherwise who knows what papers would no longer be in existance.

still, kudos to the ODCE for doing the financial regulators job.


There are very few things written down by hand these days.


Publicity stunt.


There is always a hard copy of a contract.


Now the “Peelers” go in…
Well screw them…
Waiting for the green light from their political masters
have zero faith in their integrity in the Gardai from good experience.
i really really hope i have to eat my words but I sincerely have no faith in the supposed system of law and order in this little muppet republic :angry:

Too Little Too Late


+1 Now the Brians can say look the Guards are in there now so we defo can’t tell you who the Golden Circle are.


A box of matches and or a lighter are just as effective …

But it seems no-one has been looking for smoke signals … until now :imp:


11.43am Anglo Irish Bank - Personal Guarantee Custodians Office

Well lads, how are ye. Jaysus sit down there while I put on the kettle. I’m not too bad now thank god, we got over over the hump last week.

It’s been a madhouse in here for the last six months I tell ya.


No doubt some mid level patsies will be found out as a result of these publicity stunts.