Ramming them through before the end

Bookmark for quango stuffing, comittee packing, pet legislation before the election.

Post them here if you know.

So far in the Oireachtas programme :

Criminal Justice (Public Order) Bill 2010 - Order for Report, Report and Final Stages
(Department of Justice and Law Reform)

Child Care (Amendment) Bill 2009 [Seanad] - Order for Report, Report and Final Stages
(Department of Health and Children)

jaysus lash them through there why don’t you, talk about parliamentary scrutiny !

Student Support Bill 2008 - Second Stage
Department of Education and Skills

Communications Regulation (Postal Services) Bill 2010 [Seanad] - Second Stage
(Department of Communications, Energy and Natural Resources) ( Postcodes - FUCK SAKE WHO CARES )

Climate Change Response Bill 2010 [Seanad] - Second Stage

Multi-Unit Developments Bill 2009 [Seanad] - Report back from the Dáil FINALLY !

Environment (Miscellaneous Provisions) Bill 2011 - A onestop shop to get the incinerator at Poolbeg to be completely unviable…

I’m told the Communications (Retention of Data) Act 2009 is being brought back to the Senate on Thursday. We’re being fined by the EU for being 2 years late passing it.

I wonder why we were late bringing that particular piece of legislation in :wink: … not storing data ehhh !

irishtimes.com/newspaper/fro … 62355.html

First action of the new Dail? A bill guillotining all state board appointments (i.e. all in the gift of ministers) when the government changes…

No - first guillotine their pension / golden handshake ‘entitlements’, then their ‘positions’ (and optionally them, their families and everyone they know).

That would presume that FG / Labour would not appoint the same people… :angry:

Full thread on P.ie

politics.ie/fianna-fail/1477 … board.html

Long story short. LYIT buy site prone to flooding from FF cronies who desperately need the cash. Site may or may not be grossly overvalued. Site may or may not contain asbestos.

Couglan signs deal but insists everything is “above board”.

Report from Donegal Daily.

E-mail sent by Paul Hannigan,president of LYIT to all students today.