Ranelagh Opportunity - Expensive at half the price

The property…


and the Irish Times analysis…


60% overvalued?

60% sounds about right.

Looking at those figures;

Net income €37,500

at a yield of 4% = capital value €937,500
at a yield of 5% = capital value €750,500
at a yield of 6% = capital value €624,750
at a yield of 7% = capital value €535,714

So I would agree that the property is overvalued by about 60% assuming no capital value growth in real terms. (which ain’t much assuming in today’s market :smiley: )

The article says the agent recommends increasing the rent to €50,000-€55,000 pa.

So, the renters would be paying €4,100-€4,500 pm.

Do these people live in the real world?

Wow, how have they gotten 6 apartments out of a 3-4 bed house?Imagine what it’s like to live in one of those “units” !

It’s so heartening to see that even in these heady days the fine old tradition of renting shit holes at exhorbitant prices still persists. Bravo good sir, the landlord truely is a Prince of men.

With only the Irish Times article to go on:
ireland.com/newspaper/proper … 75135.html

I presume you were talking about:

The Irish Times article says €1.4million:

myhome and Savills Hamilton Osborne King both say it is sale agreed and Savills Hamilton Osborne King list a price of €1,250,000
myhome.ie/search/property.as … LNFR325395
savills.ie/dublinsecondhandh … lestonRoad

Stop Panicking !

The Irish Times completely messed up the figures.
I know the property and selling agent involved and there was huge sh*t when the Times published this.
Cant recall the exact mistake, but I know the owner wasn’t impressed.

:blush: << madam editor

Did she publish a correction?

I dont believe so.

Surprised if the figures were so wrong that she didn’t .

Can anyone check 'em
are the figures completely wrong?