Rathfarnham price drops (Confirmed 4.5% price drop minimum)

Hi everyone,

Excellent work by everyone but here is my first example.

37 Beaufort Downs

Was listed at €595K for last few months. Now listed at €550K. (7-8% decrease depending on basis of calculation)
Here is current listing. (sorry unable to find old listing, non techie here)

40 Beaufort Downs
Has been on market since March at least. Was listed by Lisney at 575K. Has gone sale agreed for something below €550K according to Lisney (27th June 2007). A confirmed decease of 4.5%.

I would suggest that this house probably sold for well under 550, and thats why No 37 has reduced to 550.

Houses in this estate were making 600K last year, but that said these 2 are not in mint condition, but you could live in them.

Keep up the good work everyone.