Rathgar, 200 euro per foot

59 Rathgar Road.
myhome.ie/residential/brochu … 7#location

750,000 euro / 3,768 square feet

Jeepers, look at all the other houses for sale in the area on the map!

yes, looks like a new low price for the area

Shame it doesn’t come with a garden - rules out many a family!


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That certainly stretches the meaning of detached to the very limits. Detached from reality perhaps?

This is a bit odd, because if you zoom in on the map it’s pretty clear that behind the fence in the yard shown in the final photo there does appear to be a garden. I wonder if it’s not included? Would seem unlikely unless it’s been sold to the house behind this one on Spire View Lane.

Anyway, €200 per/ft does indeed seem very noteworthy, even if the place needs 6 figures spent on it (which is not entirely unlikely). Would be interesting to apply that to all the houses for sale in the area and see how far out of whack they are.

That house would cost €100,000 in the North, tops. Does the vendor seriously thing that Rathgar has an €800,000 premium? It’s a glorified council house!

Sign me up for a council house.

The ad specifically states a ‘West facing rear garden’ so not sure where the no garden statement above came from. Perhaps this was not in the original ad?

I assume the council house comment refers to Spireview and not the original property - can’t be many 6bed council houses around .

Image 6 appears to show just a yard to the back with no access to any further garden?

The map is wrong so might be looking at the wrong gaff.
It is actually up a few houses before the junction with garville avenue.

You can see the bins marked #57 on streetview a couple of doors down,

The mews is on garville place.

There is a lawn behind the gaff but unclear from bing if it belongs to the house or the mews.