Rathmines- 30 fortfield terrace

Went to see the house over the weekend.
the house needs to be done completely there are no kitchen/bathroon, its a nice house, seems that structures are sound.
Any thoughts on it? on the price?
What would be the cost to refurbish it? nothing grand, just nice and liveable, no extensions.

Looks ok - There aren’t many pictures in the ad

I actually think the price is quite reasonable considering there in another 4-bed semi detatched down the road for 665K

Were there many others viewing it?

myhome.ie/residential/brochu … -6/1612924

yes, there were quiet a few that day
its an executor sale, apparently they want to sell it quick.

The north facing garden would be a deal breaker for me. Cute little road though. Don’t know about refurb costs.

Anyone know what this went for? The ask was €395k.

I actually viewed it. Needed a full modernisation, obviously hadnt been touched for fifty years.

Curious thing about it was the front driveway was quite modern and trendy looking, in complete contrast to the inside of the house.

Back garden was small though, the photos flattered it.

Was surprised at the amount of people viewing, I’d say there were twenty or so there.