Rathmines Town Centre-Something strange in the neighbourhood

Been looking at D4 and D6 apartments for a while now out of interest. I noticed this one up on Daft a while back


2 Bedroom, 1 Bathroom for 180K Euro.

Lowe and Associates quickly noticing an opportunity to undercut this price then brought to market this property


at not 10K cheaper, not 20K cheaper, but 35K, yes 35K MORE expensive than the apartment above.

2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom for 215K Euro.

Seeing an opportunity to undercut even themselves they then recently decided to put up this new apartment, in the same complex


2 Bedrooms, 1 Bathroom for 199K Euro.

In fairness only the first apartment has provided a size. 51 sqm. I was wondering if pinsters could help me out with deciding which one to throw my money into.

SLOGAN: The only thing low is in the name…

There is a huge difference in the aspect of these apartments - some face on to the road and are probably noisy - others face inwards and look across to other apartments (which look quite close from the photos) and some look out over the cricket pitches. I would suggest that this contributes to the price differentials. If you were an investor or a tenant it might not be such a big deal but if you are buying for yourself I would suggest going and looking at them all - not just viewing based on price. I’d say long-term 100k for the 1 beds would be the max and 150k for the two beds - I’d only pay that for one with a nice view out the window though.

crappy little boxes
if you really love them 80-90k for 1 bed
120 k for 2 bed

Just remember the vendor sets the asking price not the agent. I’m sure the agents will have given similar advice to all the vendors. However there is different levels of realism/delusion and different levels of motivation to sell amongst different sellers.