Rats Jumping Sinking Ship - Endgame Edition

The second great jumping of rats (original 2007 thread here) that my come to a rather great pushing, so to start off the topic we have:

Brendan Howlin


The old “I have done some service” delusional trope.


“I have done some damage. Not as much damage as I wanted. But I’m proud of my long track record of public damage”


I saw that smug prick walking back towards the convention centre carrying pizzas laughing with his colleague the night yet another freedom destroying vote sailed through thanks to their non-opposition. Also some long standing rumours about his “preferences”…

The goblin has been in the leaba with the other goblin. Who is, would you believe, taller.

Fake and gay. All of it.



Craughwell was always an idealist who believed in democracy. Oh wait. He was an Ur-Shoneen actually… He joined the British Army around 1969

Craughwell was born in Galway and grew up in Salthill.[2] When he was 16, he emigrated to the United Kingdom, settling in London, working in a pub before joining the Royal Irish Rangers regiment of the British Army.[2][5] After five years he returned to Ireland and joined the Irish Army

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