RDS - Reunification Derangement Syndrome


I think multiculturalism & migration make reunification less likely, but it’s worth tracking the derangements/propaganda/partitionism/fear that even talking about reunification will cause

Exhibit 1 - classic RDS

Exhibit 2 - partly West Brit Coming to terms with the nature of Tories, but also broadly RDS

I’m quite certain that members of the Royal Dublin Society all suffer from double RDS.


Ah, The Irish Times. Fighting the West Brit fight since 1859


The Irish Times is making a contribution to the debate this week. Cliff Taylor’s discusses the possible cost of UI, including estimates from all parts of the political spectrum.

Most of us can see that UI is a definite prospect and would clearly be an unprecedented challenge for the Irish state. Detailed plans are what we need and respect for differing views. One point Taylor makes is that the length of the transition period would be crucial.