Re: Have a friendly discussion with your Mortgage Broker

For the record and to put peoples minds at ease, my discussion as I stated didn’t actually take place. Paulines integrity has not been compromised…at least not by me anyway.

I can see that there is a valid reason for shutting down this type of thread.

It’s counterproductive and could easily snowball into a situation whereby a Mortgage Brokers office is inundated with false requests for information.

As I am a self regulating body, I will discuss this at the highest levels and the matter will be dealt with by me in the most serious manner…

It’s just a pity that when you contact Mortgage brokers that they are more than happy to furnish the unsuspecting customer with false statements.

The frightening thing about this is that when the “Mark” or the FTB as they are known throughout the media falls for “Paulines” now jaded rebuffs such as Rent is dead money etc etc, that the FTB can end up literally out on the street, with bad credit for life.

Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket can’t these people tell the truth about ANYTHING?