Re: - down again. What gives? is gone this evening afaict.

Their twitter account states they are back but it’s not resolving to anything but a database error.

Twitter account mentioned something to do with UK traffic surge based on what’s going on there, so what’s going on in the UK that might cause this?

Alex Ferguson?

Rly? :open_mouth:

English local elections?
Cambridge Analytica?
Brexit manifestation?
Russians cut the undersea cable?

My mistake the tweets I read are marked, “Jun 9”, I assumed they were latest since they appear to the most recent. So nothing to do with current events.

they propably need to payup for another year

It’s still down.

So where have all the whack jobs and nuts moved on to?

A good point raised on was perhaps preparation for the GDPR has gone wrong (Ulsterbank & Co style) as they too considered the next port of call for any potential exodus.

So that might answer the both questions. :neutral_face:

:confused: GDPR applies equally wherever in the world you are. It relates to the data subjects (residents of the EU), not to where the corporations are located. Anyone telling you otherwise is another charlatan in a crowded GDPR field.

It’s back.

Gone again.

Some chatter suggests sold and transferring serves to new owners while others say gone /lost for good.

Do users not have to give an email address address to sign up? It should be an easy matter to email all the users and let them know what’s happening. If the website is not gone for good, then it’s a way of reminding dormant users to get back online and start ranting again.

It was back earlier today and now… gone again.

It has a twitter account.


edit: at a guess! No inside knowledge! IANAL, very anal some might say…

Every single refugee that showed up from it on recently was a complete and utter toxic dickhead that wrecked every thread they wandered into anyway, that place is an absolute sewer. was taken down because there’s a huge argument going in UK at the moment about “anti-Semitism” in the UK Labour Party, many messagers are based in UK and their opinions are way too accurate for “the authorities” to ignore, their comments had to be shut down in case of being picked up by stalwarts in the UK. Stand by for to come back on line once the UK Labour Party “anti-Semitism” row has been resolved (and Corbyn removed from leadership which was the whole aim of the agitators all along).

This is the biggie.

As ‘anti-semitism’ is just a derogatory term for ‘pro-Palestinian’, the Brits are in real trouble.
Any attempt to reveal this as such would highlight ‘Jewish activism’ as little more than Israeli govt interference in domestic politics.
Thats very untrendy at the moment; right up there with criticising transexual lesbian vegetarians or foreign govts interfering in domestic politics.
All bad. But good.
Depending on which of the bad sides you think is good.
Or which of the bad guys ideas you know to be right-on.

What were we talking about, again?

God…I’m so confused. Its as though there was a systematic attempt to disassemble and befuddle.
Like someone had hired psychologists, cultural specialists and etymologists to discombobulate the whole shebang…


Down again, has Mueller finally got a sealed indictment against them???

I haven’t looked at it since about 2008.

I presumed all of the fruitloops had moved on to facebook to shout at each other.