REA Mortgage brokers in receivership (AAM)

Being discussed on AAM

it looks like that thread has be excised.

Must have been talking down our Knowledge based economy!

oh right - that.

actually has anybody heard our glorious leaders make reference to our wonderful Knowledge based economy anytime recently or has that disappeared also? You’d think what with all the trouble we’re in that they’d be banging that drum harder than ever and saying how its sure to throw us a rope to get us out of this brown-stuff we’re in. But I’ve heard no mention of it recently.

unbelieveable… there were around 10 posts in there, two from people who had received emails from people at REA with whom they had being dealing, to say that the company had gone into receivership. Other posts from formerly satisfied customers disappointed to hear the news.

I suppose it’s not in the mainstream media yet, and there’s no mention of it on, so it’s still ‘allegedly’.

Including from Brendan himself!

Thread reinstated on AAM as Brendan phoned up and got the receivership confirmed. Clever to do this way after his initial posts.

Wow, if these guys can’t make it the business model must be broken. Expect MB’s to start dropping like flies.

The whole FIRE economy has burnt itself out.

Comparing the response to the news on this site with that on aam…

The contrast is hilarious…

REA appear to have been one of the good guys.
but, that’s the way the cookie crumbles.

It doesn’t seem fair that a company with great customer service can go bye-bye and the likes of Ryanair keep going. That’s how it is though. Hopefully the people behind REA come away with a lot of money in their pockets and can start up again in some form when people start buying houses again.

It doesn’t make sense to keep a business open paying salaries and operating costs when there’s no demand for the service. Shut it down, sit on the cash if there is any, take a year or two on a beach somewhere then try again.


i liked rea, i liked the people there and to be fair they did their best to come up with new ways of doing things and giving some originality and clarity to the market. they were also a big firm, i guess it proves that recessions don’t discriminate