Real World Property Price Drops

So remind me again why NAMA is proposing to buy property at a writedown of just 25%: … 57380.html … tml?via=mr … 97588.html … 26360.html … 44967.html

Remind me also why the Greens are ignoring this squandering of money and the rump of the PDs (and a fine big rump it is in the form of Mary Harney) is ignoring the issue while just marking time until their sizeable pensions when they retire before the next election.

Sure didnt they sort out mink farming and are gonna give us carbon taxes amongst others an the pds (all one of them) probably havent noticed (if you know what I mean). :angry: XD

All to stay in power.
This reminds me of John Majors time in office.
The conservatives won 1 election too many - thus guaranteeing themselves unelectable for c20 years.

The same will ***definately ***happen to the greens, as they lack the solid generational/historical base to prevent it.
If FG don’t fucc up (and thats a big IF !), the same will apply to FF.

I’m getting a horrible sinking feeling when it comes to FG’s ability to put FF away for good. They have an open goal from 5 yards but on current form I fear a Chris Waddle effort into row Z.

It never ceases to amaze me that these people can predict a drop of 15-25% and then it will ‘bottom out’. How many times have we heard that one? :angry:

I reckon Inda is haunted by the spectre of Alan Dukes trying to do the right thing but he only got himself shafted by the electorate. Inda doesn’t want power because he’s afraid of being blamed for the tough decisions he’s going to have to make. Better to give FF enough rope to hang themselves.

Meanwhile the country sinks into a depression, but FG will make sure FF get the blame good and proper this time!

True enough. The people know what they want…and deserve to get it good and hard.

That would mean that …
Once in power is once too many for the greens

I think I’ve found my slogan for my Anti-Green posters in the next General Election.