Reality of modern apartment living in D15

This is the kind of crap that ordinary people trying to make lives for themselves have to deal with: … 5#post3555

They’re nothing short of snookered/check-mated/shafted and there’s nothing Joan Burton, TD can do to help them.

Bit gratuitous… What’s it got to do with Joan, she’s only trying to help them out and has made no false promise in that thread nor any promise at all!

I see the Management fee payments are going direct to the developer rather than the Management Company. Somebody with cash flow problems?

Is it not that the balance of management fee payments are the developer’s holding in terms of not removing the management company??? IE, not enough units sold, not enough people to remove the company, the developer is supposedly holding back the MC from delivering adequate service according to them…

OK, I propose that all housing estates become under the management of maintenance companies. time to make a quick buck.

I never understood the point of these management companies.

You lash out over 300k for an apartment/townhouse over 35 years and then they tell you that you can’t even lash up a broadband antenna or in some cases park a commercial vehicle beside your place.

Sister in law lives in one and when I asked her about it she said she doesn’t mind as it keeps her property prices high because she doesn’t live in a “tenament”.

Noise rules and keeping communal areas clean is fine, but banning things like satellite dishes or types of vehicles is pure middle class snobbery.

So if the developer can only sell half the apartments then they hike the service charge so that the unlucky buyers have to cover maintenance of the unsold ones (even though it’s apparently in their contract that owners only have to pay for their own share of the maintenance fee and not for any unsold units). That’s a new and interesting scam from the developers.

Is there any chance of getting some of the more egregious of these contracts annulled on grounds of unconscionability?

Not to worry, from the FF manifesto:

Now for goodness sake guys, do you not realise that apartment blocks are piggybanks for developers?

Can you not see the logic? Build apartment block and sell shoe boxes for xxx making huge profit, then appoint management company that you run under fancy name with rules that nobody reads such as1/ another management company cannot be put in place until all apartments are sold (which they never will be because the developer will always keep one or two back) 2/ The existing tenants will have to cover all costs until all of developement is sold (but it never will be and the management charge will never comedown for each apartment regardless).
So there is a nice little nest egg that can be drawn on by the developer every year as pocket money and the nice part is they will pay maybe 20% tax if any at all on this unless they can offset it. Also if this is carefully managed it will last forever. Now stuff like this does not take intelligence to accomplish it takes cunning and buckets of brass neck. :open_mouth:

Or maybe some unknown put in a multiplication of 2 into the system. When properly challenged, the developer can take his cue from our paragons of modern acceptable virtue i.e. the bankers, and put it down to computer error! Cunning! Brass neck! Sorry, I would lable it Stealing :cry:

Im glad you said it as I was thinking but trying to be polite and cutting at the same time. :wink:

Prospect Hill in Finglas are having grief with the same company. I used to live behind this place. There just seems to be one problem after another with the management company.

It seems from the posts they’ve to pay extra to cover the empty apartments. I presume this will be the case in most developments from hereon in.