Reasons Not to Vote Fianna Fail

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this is for FF only

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He knocked someone down … 962770.ece

All occured under Fianna Fails watch: … s-all-a-f/ … 49743.html

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?? Harney is not a member of FF.

LOL they were in government and in charge what kind of government allows this carry on? Fianna Fail do
great reason not to vote for them

Yes she was (and is?), she was sleeper agent sent into the PDs by FF to destoy the PDs, which she did quite well.

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Lest we forget…

In one fell swoop, FF arrogance, corruption and entitlement.
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Rath Lugh

Lismullin National Monument, demolished under the National Monuments Act 2004, by order of Minister Dick Roche, to make way for the M3 Motorway, in 2007

But all the evidence presented so far relates to FF’ers (or former FF’ers) who won’t be running in this election.

Might I suggest concentrating on the mis-deeds of those who will be seeking re-election. Things like Mehole being responsible for setting up the HSE and the likes. Wille D’Dea etc.

Whatever remains of FF in the coming years will seek to distance themselves from the likes of Bertie and the Flynns and have started to do so already, but people need to be reminded of the sins of those who will make up New FF so they can’t try re-writing history.

The legacy of Charles J. Haughey and the further actions of his prodégé, Patrick Bartholomew Ahern, not to mention the performance of Albert Reynolds and Brian Cowen have created an organisation just as corrosive to Irish society as the recent actions of the party the founding fathers of Fianna Fáil split from in the 1920’s, namely Sinn Féin and their :nin ‘associates’.

IMHO, neither party is currently fit to serve in government. They will both need a decade or so of good behaviour and some changes in the senior ranks before either can be considered an electoral option.

Blue Horseshoe
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Willie’s truth-handling abilities…

The Galway Tent.

Bertie and McNamara.
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We can do both - especially as those seeking election were in government with or have direct links with those listed in the thread

Anybody who joined FF during the leadership of Haughey, Ahern or Cowen has no integrity. They joined up for their own greed and self interest. They are as much a part of all that corruption as the old lads because they were cheerleaders for it.

A little bit of history repeating itself…

and that’s just the leaders.

The country was sold for a sixpence and a free lunch. At least Lawlor, corrupt as fuck though he was, wanted big sums for his vote.

Don’t remember him ever holding elected office. :unamused: