Reasons Not to Vote Fine gael

If anything sums up the state of Fine Gael it’s this:

A leader who appeared on a poster with the “young guns” - who then all voted against him in the leadership - and who then all came crawling back.


I’m expecting ten separate posts of Enda Kenny pictures in the next few minutes…

well yes I think people will see Enda Kenny as a reason not to vote FG - Bruton should have won the leadership contest that time.

Another reason - and this goes for most parties - the Whip - Fine Gael use a whip system so they will be mostly representing the parties views and not your own should you not agree with 100% of what they stand for.


I just can’t get my head around the failed putsch and the fallout from it.

The “younger” element make a move, fail abysmally, Kenny brings Noonan in, rebels come back with their tail between their legs but Kenny isn’t strong enough to “slit their throats”, Bruton continue to make occasional pronouncements on finance but with as much authority as a wet rag as it had to be spoken by Noonan to be Fine Gael policy.

It’s all very dysfunctional.

If they were a family, I’d be hearing banjos.

I think Noonan’s done a better job than Bruton in attacking Lenihan.

Indeed - but that says more about Bruton than Noonan.

It also says more about the young bucks in Fine Gael who thought Bruton was the dude to challenge Enda for the leadership.

The Celtic Snail Campaign, When FF wanted to Spend, FG wanted to Spend even more!!

They’ll learn the ropes. In five years time they’ll have lost their enthusiasm for improving the country and they’ll get in line for a bit of trough time.

If they do, we should vote in others. In time we might get decent politicians.

You can’t keep rewarding the devil you know…

The definition of insanity? Repeating the same action and expecting a different result.

Exactly, like people who think FF are now somehow cleansed by Cowen’s departure and Mehole’s ascension. All sounds like Albert replacing CJ, Bert replacing Albert (young leader, free from corruption), Cowen (non-celebrity).

Same old same old. Vote out corrupt politicians (by voting in other ones). It’s the only way the fuckers learn. That goes for all of them.

I see noonan was on de telly earlier about the bailout, already assumed the lispish accent of the dart, just more in a barney grumble sort of way

lets get you started

Seriously FG, WTF is going on in South Dublin? Alan Shatter, Olivia Mitchell AND Peter Mathews? Really? In the same constituency as Shane Ross and Alex White…even with 5 seats I’m not sure it’s a runner

They should have put Matthews into DLR or SE Dub

Michael Noonan - I’m old enough to remember his vicious incompetence
Leo Varadkar - natural inheritor of Noonans economic insanity
Lucinda Creighton - muppet
Simon Coveney - muppet - special Dan Boyle award for being a twit
Alan Shatter - TD for Tel Aviv - specialises in shafting his running mates (BTW this may be the reason for running 3 FG - just a vain hope that he may lose - he’s even more hated within FG than outside it)

Enda is the least of their problems

“Up Mayo!” sealed the deal for me.

Where is that reason not to vote FG thread…

Some FG clown also said that those in neg eq would be exempt from a possible property tax, on newstalk this morning.