Receiver appointed to (Mick) Wallace properties


Is there any reason to think that the Revenue are not preparing to prosecute Mick? Have they missed the opportunity or actually settled with him? I can’t remember the exact sequence of events…


I was under the impression that a settlement was made. I don’t think it involved tha bauld Mick handing over the money. I may be wrong.


A settlement was made between Mick Wallace’s company and the Revenue but, as the company is insolvent, there is no expectation that the agreed amount will actually get paid. There was no action taken against Mick Wallace in his role as a director who bears the ultimate responsibility for filing a VAT return that understated the amount due.

Also worth noting that in his recent interview MW shared some details about his commitment to divert half his salary to paying off this debt. It seems that what he is actually doing is instructing the payroll department in Leinster House to only pay half his gross salary. Because of our progressive taxation system the decrease in his take home pay is actually much less than 50%. When you add back the leaders allowance that he has since started claiming it is likely that he actually has more in his pocket at the end of the day then he did before he announced his ‘gesture’. He also seems to be counting the full amount of gross salary forgone as an offset against his company’s VAT bill, conveniently ignoring the fact that about half of that would have gone to the Revenue anyway in the form of Income Tax etc. If he really wanted to do the decent thing he should be paying it out of after tax income and without any bumps to his expense claims.


Thanks for the clarification. But can they still prosecute him, or does the settlement close the file?


I’ve asked Revenue that very question. Six weeks later and they have failed to answer. Originally they did answer, referring me to the Revenue Audit Procedure. I wrote back saying that I had read the document and that it didn’t cover the question I asked, specifically… whether or not a subsequent contradicting statement made in public can cause a previously closed case to be re-opened? Revenue refuse to answer. I’ve since complained as Revenues Customer Charter guarantees an answer of some sort within 20 days, and Revenue have missed that particular boat.

Revenue have also failed to answer the following simple question.
‘Does limited liability in the companies sense apply in cases of deliberate fraud?’
They did answer verbally, stating that they did not know. I asked for the answer in writing, … and I’m still waiting. Complaint lodged as more than 20 days have passed.

edited to add:
Incidentally I’m not so naive as to expect that I can get answers. But the refusal of Revenue to engage informs my decision not to pay tax and to declare that openly. Revenue are involved in a cover up, and are dishonest, delusional and cowardly. All negative traits which don’t deserve respect or compliance.
All I’m asking is that Revenue make a public statement that lawbreaking and tax cheating is wrong in all cases, that they will always seek to prosecute, and also that they acknowledge that Mick made a statement in public in which he declares that he deliberately carried out a criminal act… they refuse to do so. Hence delusional, dishonest and cowardly.


Voyeur, well done on following this up with Revenue, this is the sort of plain speaking pressure that needs to be focused clearly on the people making the decisions there although these are probably hiding behind their front line/support staff. Hopefully some TD with grit will grill the Revenue bosses on this issue at some point openly at a Dail sub-committee.


That’s freaky and funny in equal measure. Actually, looking at this photo, Mick might want to think about restyling his hair - he’s starting to look like Jimmy Savile :open_mouth:

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A SITE that cost tax cheat Mick Wallace €4m is now worth only €350,000.

According to new documentation lodged with the Companies Office, a string of Mr Wallace’s former properties have plummeted in value.

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No such street as East Sussex St in Temple Bar- There’s an East Essex st - Is this the building beside the Project Arts centre that use to home to some Marxist group and lefty bookshop?


Yeah Connolly Books and the Communist Party of Ireland, iirc. They’re still there I think.

Edit: Wallace renovated the New Theatre building next door, so maybe he got the apartments as payment for the renovation:


Off topic:

Mick Wallace & Clare Daly fined E2,000 over Shannon Airport incident.


Wallace and Daly have refused to pay their fines and expect to be jailed next month. … 85809.html


Election coming up?


Wallace currently on Radio1.
Very interesting light-hearted interview. Reckons people should stop parish pump politics and the election will be in November


Wallace arrested, committed to prison for a few hours, for non-payment of €2k fine.
However, who tipped off the media that he was being arrested :question:


Mick Wallce did I presume. Maximize his PR :confused:

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“I understand now how the Syrians feel” – Clare Daly