Receiver appointed to (Mick) Wallace properties


You have to be joking?

When you remove all her hysterics she’s a decent enough TD but that is a daft statement.


Quoted on Newstalk, so who knows.

For the record, I admire Daly and Wallace’s principled stand and their willingness to go to jail for their beliefs following a nonviolent protest, but I do think they’re a bit nuts.


some of his stuff isn’t so much anti-War as anti-West

e.g. France is only peacekeeping/interfering in Mali because of “colonialism”

The EU should butt out of Ukraine even if the Ukranians want to move out of the shadow of Russia like the Poles, Lativans etc have managed to do]


Oh yeah, I agree. I just think it’s refreshing to see a TD who is actually willing to (1) Protest in a peaceful manner (and not a Paul Murphy “peaceful”), and more importantly (2) Actually risk personally consequences for his principles. Much as I disagree with most of what Wallace says and does, as well as the way his companies defrauded the taxpayers, a TD who stands on principle is nice to see and should be lauded. In a similar way I admire Lucinda Creighton’s willingness to leave FG rather than voting against her principles, even though I vehemently disagree with those principles.


Re the Anti-West rather than Anti-War, have a read of this from the UK’s Stop The War


@Andy, complete bullshit as usual. The ‘West’ is not defined by aggressive war mongering. It is defined by democracy, free speech and the right to protest. How the fuck are ‘anti war’ protestors being ‘anti-West’ when they are actually defending the very principles that underpin the ‘West’? Wallace and Daly have done more to defend our way of life than any of you fat-necked moronic Blueshirts who are prepared to prostitute yourselves to anyone who will pat you on the head and give you a chicken dinner. Pathetic stuff.

If we are neutral then why is a foreign army using Shannon Airport as a military base?


the less fashionable the cause the more respect I have for the prisoner of conscience :smiley: (his twitter stream is full of Guardian retweets… :unamused: )

e.g. I think Joe Higgins going to the Joy was a lot more principled


Read the article i attached.

I do not think Ireland is neutral. We facilitate our allies logistics. I have no problem with that. Labeling things “war mongering” etc doesn’t help any debate.


yeah, I read that a few days ago. All too familiar

What party is the Fianna Fail reject on the right standing for? He’s like Ireland’s answer to George Galloway!


Ireland is actually a self declared neutral country. Our defensive ‘allies’ are in the UN not NATO. Is being against the disastrous attacks on Libya (Sirte is now an ISIS stronghold less than 500 miles from Italy) anti-western or is the attack on Libya anti-western? What about NATOs increasingly aggressive posture towards China, is that a good idea? Should we support it in the name of the west because people like Hillary Clinton or General McCrystal think it’s in our interests? I think this is a misreading of what our interests are and also the mistake of buying into a ‘universal we’ proposed by our overlords. ‘Our’ interests and those of the western armies and the western ruling class are not the same, they understand that but ‘we’ don’t seem to.


Whatever about Ireland, The Economist is very definitely NOT neutral. It’s a mouthpiece for batshit right wing market fundamentalist morons.


Jesus christ, read what I have posted.

I responded to Slasher’s comment re Anti War being Anti West with a link to an article on the UK’s Stop the War movement. Which is clearly Anti West!

I don’t care enough about this to argue the merits of this.


Yehbut, nobut, what about the irredentists? Eh, see, you hadn’t thought of them had you? Fascist!


Peaceful protest!!! Crossing a fence and attempting to gain access to an airports runway during operational hours.
If everyone with a beef did that, cue mayhem

Then not paying their fines - some example that to the people they represent and the country as a whole.

And then the temerity to go out in the media saying the system for collecting fines is all wrong, that being brought to Limerick prison instead of nearby Mountjoy is a waste of Gardai resources…!!! Give me an f-n break

2 parasites


2k for 2 hours prison time? Where do I sign up. I reckon I’m good for an hour a day anyway…


I think if he wanted any credibility on this he would have paid 2K to the revenue towards his previous abuses to be clear that this is not about holding on to 2K. Otherwise it just looks like another of his attempts to hold onto cash rather than give it to its rightful owner the Irish Taxpayer. Fuckwit!


Mick Wallace has been completely right to protest against the use of Shannon as a US military airbase. It’s shameful and we will pay price for this stupidity when Irish people are slaughtered on the streets of Dublin.

Here’s a good read.

Anyone who wants to fight the Muslims should grow a pair of testicles and join an army themselves. Or better still, enroll your own kids.


Of course he had a right to protest.
But he didn’t have a right to give 2 fingers to the law…but then again, he has previous


I’m not sure if he’s right (Ireland is not, in fact, a neutral country), but I certainly respect his right to do it. It’s probably one of the only things he’s done that I respect him for.


The law was seeking to prevent him from protesting against the criminal use of Shannon to kill and maim. He had every right to give 2 fingers to the law.

I bet you sneered at the millions who marched against Iraq War too. The Irish government is continuing to act against the wishes of the Irish people.