Receiver appointed to (Mick) Wallace properties


The Law is the Law…I know Shinners struggle with that concept and adopt a Catholic a-la-carte type attitude towards it.
If the use of Shannon is ‘criminal’, then go take a legal case. Thats how the Law works in this country

If I recall correctly, 100k people marched in Dublin against the Iraq war. That means over 4.5m people didn’t march. Folk on the left regularly get confused about Marches and how they represent the majority in the country, no matter how many attended i.e. the Water protests.

I was against the Iraqi war for the record not that I have to explain myself to you


I am reading what you wrote, to wit…Ireland is not neutral and we facilitate our ‘allies’ logistics. Ireland does not have military ‘allies’ officially (except for the UN) and the logistics you refer to are either the US unilaterally in its wars in Afghanistan/Iraq/GWOT or NATO more generally. IM just asking about the logic and implications of what you wrote, sorry you don’t want to think them through.


Do they? Do I need to point out to you that neither Mick Wallace or Clare Daly are ‘Shinners’? Oops.

No it’s not. If an allegation of a crime is made then it is up to the authorities to investigate it. That is what ShannonWatch has been calling for the Gardaí but the Irish Authorities (incl the FG/Labour government) have refused to investigate the crime. Mick Wallace and Clare Daly were doing what the Irish authorities are supposed to do: inspect the planes travelling through Shannon. Wallace and Daly were not breaking the law. They were upholding it.

You really need to read up on this issue because you’re clearly out of your depth. Start here.

I’d prefer if you didn’t even bother to be honest. You’re a waste of time.


You’ve such a nice way about you Coles…throw out accusations and then dismiss the responses with insults

Clare said tonight she had 3 witness reports of weapons on board…there’s your evidence. See you in Court

I wasn’t referring to Daly and Wallace as Shinners. Please read a bit slower and take more in.
I was of course alluding to your goodself


Thank goodness there’s one political party in Ireland completely free of any lingering associations with killing and maiming and criminality! Does anyone know how we can learn more about it?


I speak my mind so I must be a Shinner? You’re some gobshite. Past your bedtime son. Run along like a good lad.


Read more and spout less ignorance.


Well apparently if I speak my mind I’m a

“fat-necked moronic Blueshirt who [is] prepared to prostitute [myself] to anyone who will pat me on the head”

Name calling strangers is neither smart nor effective.


Motives and the people involved aside for a minute but is anybody else concerned about how easy it is to get into an airport ???
Clare Daly and Mick Wallace werent there to do damage (and wore fluorescent) but it looks like anyone who would want to could do so without much stopping them.


I’d say they’ve been taking lessons from their friend the Trumpet…


He must be a very nice guy

Independent TD defends attempt to post bail for man accused of involvement in plot to bomb Prince Charles visit … 8-Dec2015/


either that or Daly and O’Sullivan are deluded idiots who will support anyone accused of terrorism*

note the Nelson Mandela poster :unamused: … 88437.html

  • as long as it’s vaguely leftist



So the spiel about people being locked up for too long waiting for trials is BS …it’s really a Republican and/or Terrorist thing


I think this thread is reflective of the general descent in standards of posting here by certain posters with a lot of personally directed comments. This was not the plan for the site.

I know I have not been posting much as I have been busy but will be keeping an eye on things to ensure that nobody is personally abused on the site. It’s not fair and will result in temp/permanent bans.


€2m judgement granted against Wallace in favour or Cerberus. No doubt part of some conspiracy. … -1.2515162


Maybe conspiracy is too strong a word but @namawinelake was pointing out during the week that, even though Cerberus controls loans with a nominal value of €27bn in Ireland, it has only sought a court judgement against one borrower, Wallace, who makes up less than a hundredth of a percent of that total. It’s hard not to see it as being driven by vindictiveness.


Do you want that guy in parliament voting on how debts owed to you are managed. I’d say it is equivalent to a prosecution barrister getting rid of all the guys in celtic shirts on the jury panel during jury selection.


Coles2, FreeFallin

Serious question here for you both, as you’ve both been making some various points in earlier postings while responding to each other.
Can the basis of Mandamus be used in Ireland?

Has it ever been used to force the authorities to carry out their powers?


Quite possible. It’s also quite possible he’s refusing to co-operate. He also made quite serious allegations of criminality against them using Dail privilege so it’s possible they’re not disposed to do him a deal, nor are they under any obligation to. Who knows. I agree that they should probably enforce all the contracts but it’s a private debt now so who cares.

He could get rid of them at any point by paying them back of course. Ronan did it with NAMA.


Never heard of it!