Receiver appointed to (Mick) Wallace properties


@ Coles2,
Any idea if this has been tried here as a means of forcing the hand of the government?

I’m identifying this point here as a means for citizens to try to force the government to carry out their duties. Now, as I know, this would be a very difficult case but the basis, as far as I know, does exist.
I understand that it would be a legal pathway to force the government to carry out powers that they should have been executing but instead would have been sitting on their hands.


The Kathy Sinnott v The Dept of Education case springs to mind. It’s called a ‘mandatory order’ now.

Edit: Also the Crotty case?


I think Sinnot was different because she was specifically taking the action with regards to her son, no? It wasn’t about any public interest.


I see your point about the case mentioned being a matter of interest for a specific individual (or individual family member).
However, any individual of the public at large, being failed by the powers of the state to carry out their powers, could name themselves in a court case method such “Mandatory Order” or “Mandamus” to be the effected individual.
Would it have been possible in this system in this place to put such a case forward and to have it heard given the individual person would then be able to force the hand of the government as an individual affected by the governments failure to carry out their powers of invesigation?


I think when people have tried similar things they got dismissed due to lack of standing didn’t they? Vague recollection.


I think that if Mick Wallace had put himself forward as the individual following his arrest at the Shannon airport place that he would have had grounds of standing in law - his claim being that since the state were unwilling to do the investigations of the aircraft for guns that he had to step in to do it himself.
Furthermore, as an elected representative he potentially would have other grounds of standing.
I’m really not a legal expert. :frowning:

But it’s never too late to become a barrister! :angry:


Worth looking at the 1Yi campaign.


Mick’s on Sean O’Rourke now talking about the Ireland v Italy game last night that he was at.
He’s attended 9 games so far in the tournament. Good going :sick:


Ah, there he is. In the last few days I thought he was keeping a low profile as a large contingent of the Irish electorate wouldn’t approve of a member of Parliment tax cheat who should be representing the electorate going on a multi-week European holiday. He still owes a load of people a packet of money?
In other news my internet connection via VPN to ITV dropped just before the goal was scored in the 1-0 victory and came back a few minutes later.
German terrestrial TV had decided to carry the other match.


There’s me counting the pennies, wondering if it would be possible to go to another game…specifically if I pay for flights etc, will I get a tkt.

And then there’s Wallace…some country.


ST reporting that Wallace paid his son €20,000 parliamentary allowance for “research”.



Wallace is a hypocrite of the highest order but given, for example, the proliferation of publicans who moonlighted as TDs over the years, how common is it for there to be a personal or family connection between the vendor of an expensed item and the TD incurring the expenses?


Saw stuff on twitter earlier Mick had a 140 character rant at the ST and this is his official reply I gather via Facebook

Let’s call it as it is, not what it isn’t - Lazy Journalism / Sunday Times…

Clearly it’s a quiet news time and we’re entering the silly season. The Sunday Times Ireland take a State document and distorts it for their own purpose, and calls it investigative journalism. These expenses have been audited by a firm which has read the relevant 'Oireachtas (Ministerial and Parliamentary Offices)(Amendment)Act 2014. And contrary to what the Sunday Times say, we did have to produce receipts, otherwise the auditor wouldn’t have audited it.

My son Fionn has a First Class Honours Masters degree from UCD, and I would struggle to find a better researcher - the so-called journalist would have had a better argument if he claimed my son was being underpaid. As for the cost of meetings in Winebar/Restaurant’s , it works out at just over a 100 euro a week. - which is a bit ridiculous really, given that I would have an average of at least 3 meetings a week there.

Although the category is titled ‘Entertainment’ by SIPO, you will find that any expenditure on meetings held by TD’s will be accounted for in this category. I don’t hold Clinics in Wexford and the vast majority of my meetings are in Dublin, and mostly on National issues. I remain answerable to SIPO. I remain answerable to the people of Wexford, and if they believe what is insinuated in the Sunday Times article, or if they feel that I do not use my time and resources well, then I strongly suggest that they don’t vote for me at the next election.


Sounds like Fionn is a genius…property developer, builder, honours student and now a top researcher. Not so good with the sums/taxes though


Wallace attempts to save family home: … igh-court/

Thank God the family vineyard is safe.

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how is a bankrupt able to post bail [for a terrorist]?


TD Mick Wallace found bankrupt in the High Court … -1.2911438

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AIB wants my house…It’s the last thing I own. Presumably he sold the last of his World Cup souvenir t-shirts so.

At least Poolbeg St is close to the Dail


Did they get the vineyard at some point? I thought he still had it for some reason. Pretty shifty that it was Cerebrus that moved against him but nothing illegal in it I suppose.