Receiver appointed to (Mick) Wallace properties


don’t forget the earring


He was on Morning Ireland today.
He pointed out (quite legitimately) that his insolvent company is a separate legal entity, so he is not personally bankrupt, which would have forced his resignation from the Dáil. That’s how limited liability company registration works, like it or not, though this seemed to escape the interviewer’s understanding for a while (and personally, I think that on balance limited liability is rather a good thing). Whether his behaviour is that to be epected from a public representative and what that should imply for keeping his seat is quite another thing.

BTW, was I the only one to think that this was a particulary inept interview and that MW, for all his faults, came across as being rather more au fait with the situation than his interrogator?


I was under the impression, from this thread, that he had given some creditors personal gaurentees. If so, his continued employment in dail eireann is solely at the whim of the likes of ACC.


If company law applies to him, he will be facing a section 150 restriction at a minimum or possibly something greater.
We’ll see if that happens…
The liquidator will be required to make an application to Director of Corporate Enforcement and the Director decides whether or not to relieve the liquidator’s duty to bring the director to court.

Going on case law, falsifying info to Revenue is a guaranteed restriction order.


Oh, I don’t think he should remain in place, having falsified VAT returns and I would have thought that the Dáil would want to bring some kind of “conduct unbecoming” motion to suspend him. The muppet of an inteviewer seemed to think that he was already personally bankrupt, though, rather than the proprietor of an insolvent company and appeared incapable of understanding the concept of limited liability.

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The whole company vs personal thing is irrelevant.


he has given personal guarantees. He’s bankruptcy status is at the whim of ACC


It sure isn’t. Has Jeremy Hunt resigned yet?
Let’s look at this issue on its own merits without the facile comparison with Britain.


First off I have to say I like Mick Wallace - if I’d had an opportunity to vote for him I would have done. This is based on some personal experience of the man.

But he has to go to jail and be expelled from the Dail (if he doesn’t resign).

He forced the state to become an unwitting unsecured lender when he dodged his VAT payment. You can’t run your business on unauthorised borrowings from the state. Anyone doing so should be punished by a jail term. Even if it costs 5 grand a day to keep MW in jail we should do it - it will save us money in the long run. It will send two equally powerful signals -

  1. It removes the moral hazard - ‘sure I’ll just slip the VAT a month if I can’t pay it back I’m bust and I won’t have to’ by adding the proviso - ‘but either way if I’m caught I know I’ll go to jail’
  2. Nobody is above the law

This will show that the Revenue Commissioners have finally cut themselves loose from the Political/Business crony nexus that has held them back. They will achieve respect in the way that the IRS has in the US. If we’re going to have US style capitalism we need US style law - ‘free to fail but not to fiddle’.

Garlic man was quite rightly jailed, he stole a march on his competitors by stealing from the state - Mick Wallace should be in the cell beside him.


Wallace in now the Ivor Callely of the Dail: the gift that keeps on giving as the endless stream of lies he told during his election campaign unravels. Given that his VAT fraud took place before the election, he knew he had committed a crime before he ran for office. He stole VAT from the state and he stole pension money from his employees. He is no more than a liar and a thief.


I’m no Callely fan, but what Wallace has done is much worse and on a greater scale yet there seems to be vary less of a witch hunt.

Can only hope he is f’ed out of the Dail, made bankrupt and even imprisoned.


So comparing this issue to that of Jeremy Hunt isn’t facile?

MW has admitted an extremely serious criminal act. But he’ll be fine, because that’s the way it works for people like him.


Would a more correct comparison not be with the Stokes twins. Did they not do something similar with the VAT returns for Bang and the gentleman’s club thingy. I do recall the beak referred to their actions as a form of thieving but I don’t think either have seen the inside of a jail cell.

Not condoning their behaviour or Mick’s for that matter one bit but it seems to be a big leap from non payment of VAT by a Ltd. company to throwing a director straight into jail.


Whoop de do. Like anyone ever gave a sh*t about that. I guess it does guarantee that there’s a permanent record of his fuckwittery, but it doesn’t stop him actually doing anything.


Yeah, he has admitted to the act. He should be dealt with by the Gardai or any other bodies that are applicable.

So why compare it to another jurisdiction where corruption happens on a much grander scale and is brushed under the carpet. Sure, in the UK they will follow up about fiddled MPs expenses, which they should, but they will ignore much more serious issues.

Whatever happened to that inquiry about selling arms to the middle east?
How many Iraqis have been killed on the basis of a concoted report about the Iraqi regime’s weapons and the ability of those weapons to hit London in 45 mins?
In the grand scale of things, you don’t think that the current ruling party being in cahoots with a media conglomerate, in relation to the takeover of one of the largest media organisations in the state, is worrying from a democratic perspective?

Corruption, it’s fuckin’ everywhere!

So maybe we deal with our own shit and not compare ourselves to other countries that are no bastion of ethics.


I wonder would this tax fraudster have actually owned up to the Rev Comms about the VAT fraud in Oct 10 if he was’nt going to run for the Dail in Feb 11…


Rather than address the 43rd infantry division of strawmen you’ve just unleashed there ray, I’ll point out that I was referring to the possible resignation of a member of government following his admission of criminal behaviour. In that context, pointing to “weapons to hit London in 45 mins” is whataboutery on steroids.

Anyway, I’ll leave it as it seems we’re agreed that MW should not get away with this.


Wallace being discussed in Liveline now. Caller has just called him “a criminal and a disgrace.” Wonder can he survive?


Wait up - supporters have to be hanging on the liveline…

lol, he’s on his way to Poznan… Couldn’t make it up.


Harriet Harmon was convicted of a number of motoring offences, including driving without due care and attention. She was convicted and she didn’t resign. She was even re-elected. Perhaps fraud should have different consequences to other criminal behaviour for politicians. I did have to dig that one out but it is an example that in the UK, MPs convicted of criminal offences nevermind admitting to them don’t always resign :laughing:

I will admit to liking Wallace’s candour and personality. That said, I think that he should resign. I wonder how comfortable his parlimentary colleagues in the technical group are feeling right now! Are they going to turf him out if he doesn’t resign?