Receiver appointed to (Mick) Wallace properties


Have to say I don’t give a rats ass what colour his shirt is, or how frizzy his hair. I don’t care if he’s a nice bloke or a cantankerous bollix. He defrauded the taxpayer, he’s admitted he did it, and his excuse is as pathetic as it is irrelevant. He should be gone from the Dáil as of today, and the rest should be in the hands of the Gardaí. Don’t see that there is anything else to discuss.


I think MW’s behaviour is exactly in line with that of our previous and current public reps. And Mick didn’t say he COULDN’T pay, he said it was unlikely that Revenue would get paid. Doesn’t he own property in Italy? If Mick is as genuine as he claims to be, couldn’t he sell it off to make amends? Just a crazy idea.
Is he part of the ULA group?


I think all this equivocating misses the point. No, he shouldn’t sell his property to make amends. It was a limited company. That means its creditors – of which Revenue is just one – get screwed in the case of bankruptcy. That’s all completely by the book. There is only one salient point – he committed a crime, and should be dealt with exactly as any other criminal should be. The maximum penalty for what he did is a fine of €127k and five years in prison. Let him have his day in court.

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He thought that doing something he knew to be illegal was “the right thing to do”. FFS! Why the fuck should anyone pay their VAT ever again?


Unless some private citizen makes a complaint to the gardaí then I suspect nothing will happen. (Cf. Ivor C. & Ned O’K.)


I asked same question when there was mass non payment of household charge for very same reason.


It’s a fair point in its own right, but not the same thing. MW wasn’t trying to claim that VAT is an unjust tax.


I plan to write to the ODCE in the morning re the fradulent accounts submitted by his company.

Any one fancy doing the gardai route under the criminal justice act fraud & theft offences?


Anyone able to check how much in Directors’ Fees or dividends he took from the company while under declaring VAT?

Do you just walk into a Garda station and say you wish to report a crime with a copy of a newspaper and what he said?


Ya the Stokes twins popped into my head too. Would their case be most similar?


Theirs was actually worse… they were withholding PAYE and PRSI, so staff found that they were not actually entitled to benefits.


Here are the financial statements for year nde Aug 2008

€289605 Directors fees

Don’t forget his vanity project Wexford Youths, funded by the parent company by “loans”!


According to Moaning Ireland, he and his son doubled the fees they took in 2008 from 2007 (they were the only two directors).


He’s really getting drummed out of the Dáil. It would never happen on a Party man, - and that’s the message.

Anyone know what the Directors fees were in 2009? That’s when the VAT bill was avoided, right? If he took excessive fees while knowingly avoiding tax then he deserves flogging, so carry on.


You have to register but this site gives free company info

Date of Accounts	31/08/2008	Change %	31/08/2007	Change %	31/08/2006
Months	12	0%	12	0%	12
Consolidated A/cs	N	-	N	-	N
Turnover/Trading Income	0	0%	0	0%	0
Cost Of Sales	0	0%	0	0%	0
Gross Profit	768,208	-74.11%	2,966,991	52.62%	1,944,000
Wages & Salaries	2,522,027	-6.21%	2,688,925	100%	0
Directors Emoluments	269,605	81.99%	148,141	100%	0
Operating & Admin Expenses	883,933	6.39%	830,867	8.19%	768,000
Operating Profit	-115,725	-105.42%	2,136,124	81.64%	1,176,000
Depreciation	177,677	17.57%	151,127	100%	0
Audit Fees	8,225	37.08%	6,000	100%	0
Interest Payments	2,618,694	53.33%	1,707,904	135.9%	724,000
Pre-Tax Profit	-2,734,419	-738.55%	428,220	-5.26%	452,000
Taxation	60,665	200%	-60,665	-34.81%	-45,000
Profit After Tax	-2,673,754	-827.44%	367,555	-9.69%	407,000
Dividends Payable	0	0%	0	0%	0
Retained Profit	-2,673,754	-827.44%	367,555	-9.69%	407,000


Ok, he deserves flogging. It’s seems fairly clear that the business was in obvious difficulty in 2008 and the Directors Fees look excessive. No numbers for 2009?


Last accounts were to 31/08/08 per here: … 568&type=C

Also just to note his 60 staff thing is bullshit - there were 52 - more lies

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Also as it is a receivership and not a liquidation, there is no section 56 report (as far as im aware) so i ve taken the liberty of filing out a complaint form off the ODCE website.


Not on that site, its usually fairly uptodate though. Maybe the CRO has more up to date, though he was late filing the 2008.

And I’m fucked if I’m paying for his accounts!