Receiver appointed to (Mick) Wallace properties


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i presume he does’nt fill out his own tax returns. So did his accountant(s) knowingly assist in filling out a false VAT declaration…I have’nt heard this angle being explored yet. And what about the auditors
yet another shoddy performance me thinks from our financial professionals


The accountants wouldn’t be required to check the Vat3 figures - so if he simply provided the T1 and T2 figures and then signed the return there is no issue.

Again the auditors audited to 31/08/08 - this is alleged to have occured in 2009 so no issue. However it should prob be investigated to ensure there are no instances of same falling within the period they audited.


Agreed deserves flogging,
Funny how the media are now all over it just before MW heads for euros. BD


Ah, Mick, Mick Mick … the Irish Che Guevara-wannabe has broken the hearts of the people of the south-east. My cynical - and, as it turns out, absolutely correct - brother warned me that Mick came from a hardcore FF family culture and that no good would come of this election business. But I guess everyone wanted to believe that things could only get better.


Quick aside - can you find out the number of staff in CRO documentation? Your number matches CashIQ and this (from another free companies info site, register for access): … financials - I always wondered where Duedil got that figure.

Anyway, back to Mick Wallace - the Indo reports on prosecution status:

So Revenue and Wallace “settling” seems to mean that the parties agreed how much was due, then Wallace may opt to pay nothing, and Revenue foregoes any further recourse.

Is there logic to Revenue’s decision to leave it at that?

Yep, according to the Irish Times, he does indeed have a place in Italy:

I think he also has a house at the Merrion Road end of Shrewsbury Park, the one with the crane in the garden.


When I was going to school the phase “making a settlement” meant paying what you owed.

Now it seems you can “make a settlement” and not hand over a cent.


They will probably get around to looking at it in 2030



I’m no fan of the man but he always came across as quite anti-FF in any uinterviews I’ve heard

Btw I’m from a hardcore FF family and have never voted for them. Smelled the bullshit from a VERY early age


what about all the bars and restaurants - wallace calcio ltd?


Wallace’s company’s last accounts filed were in 2008. How’s that?

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Yes Wallace Calcio, five wine bars and a cafe from the Register of Interest (April 6 2012).

I’m not sure the company owns the properties though:


Listening to Joe Duffy now. Mad stuff.

I don’t think he should resign. Obviously he’s in the wrong, has broken the law etc, but isn’t he - seriously - necessary if our dail is to be truly representative?


This post is acid enough to melt iron.


Surely the tax-evading classes are over-represented in the Dáil ?


Completely !

I feel like the poor cart horse in Animal Farm, flogging my guts out & then looking in the window at the pigs with their noses in the trough who then come out & spout on about five year plans :sick:


good discussion on AAM about this…they have suggested that the 2008 company accounts were falsified and there was probably no intention to pay back/fix the VAT fraud. So there could be something here for the boys in blue to look into…eventually


He stopped just short of saying that the money was only resting in his account.

In Micks’ head
Mick “Here’s a bit extra lads for the years when i was given the VAT but decided not to pass it on to you…”

Revenue “sound”

Mick “How about the football?”


Turns out Wallace is all kinds of nasty