Receiver appointed to (Mick) Wallace properties


union head on Joe Duffy yesterday told how they got complaints from his workers that their payslips had stopped mentioning pension payments and they thought the payments were’nt being made. Union head shows up on site to meet Mick and talk to the workers…Mick too busy at another meeting and told him to come back the next day. He did come back the next day but there was now security on the site and they would’nt let him pass.
Mick…the only honest builder in the village


Union head also mentioned workers being bussed to sites, being paid subsistence and travel. I thought it was solely politicians who were paid to go to work.


There was a falling out with an auditor around that time too if i’m not mistaken
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I have been thinking a lot about this in the last couple of days, and I think you’re being unfair to ‘the plain people of Wexford’ - particularly in comparing them to the plain people of Tipperary, because these are two completely different kinds of ‘offences’ committed by two very different kinds of men for very different reasons and with two very different attitudes to their misdemeanours.

Mick Wallace is no angel, but he’s not even on the same scale as Michael Lowry.

I would hope that he doesn’t resign. I think we’ve more to learn about politics and politicians if he stays in than if he leaves.


Sorry Kate, but that’s complete crap !

They’re both cut from the same cloth.

Lowry only shortchanged the taxpayer indirectly, by peddling influence; Wallace has taken 2 Million out of the tax bucket, which now has to be made up by the PAYE workers. They’re both scumbags, there is no difference, neither is fit to hold public office unless there’s a vacancy for someone to scrape dogshit off the footpaths of Ireland :imp:


What would that be? That we have an assortment of small time crooks as well as big time crooks?

I can’t believe anyone would suggest that a TD who defrauded the Irish public by cheating on his taxes should remain in elected office. I know tax fraud is a national pastime, along with drinking and begrudgery, but do we have to sanctify it by putting up with self-professed perpetrators in the Dáil?

I simply can’t believe that there is even any discussion about this! There needs to be zero tolerance at all levels of society for defrauding the people of the State, whether it’s tax, welfare, or anything else. I won’t hold my breath though. And after our banking fraud and government complicity in it, there are precious few people left in office who could take the moral high ground.


The moral high ground is built on foundations of pyrite.


Apologies for not knowing but what did he actually do?
He did not pay over 13.5% VAT on property sales?..And used the money to pay himself and son maybe 400k in directors emoluments over a couple of years, his staff and subcontractors and suppliers, also hidden in there must be some intercompany funding for the football vanity project. Is that it? Was he making contributions to a pension fund for himself as well as the emoluments.

It is surely impossible for him to stay in the Dail ?


Lowry is Lowry and Wallace is Wallace :smiley:
How can he address a crowd on any austerity issue?
Lowry has actually made a badge of his “persecution”.

Wexford people have higher standards than Tipperary people I think too. Just to throw out a wild generalisation :angry:



A zero tolerance policy in any aspect of life is untenable, plain silly really. We’d have no politicians and we’d have no discussion. A whole lot of people breathe a sigh of relief if he resigns, we learn nothing, little changes and we continue to presume that politicians are a rare breed. It’s like a fucking hamster wheel.

I’m going to wait until after Wallace’s statement tomorrow before saying much more.

But there was an interesting line quoted in an interview with Robert Caro, biographer of LBJ, in yesterday’s observer. I’ll give it in full.

“We’re all taught Lord Acton’s axiom: all power corrupts. Absolute power corrupts absolutely. I believed that when I started these books, but I don’t believe it’s always true anymore. Power doesn’t always corrupt. Power can cleanse. What I believe about power is that power always reveals. When you have enough power to do what you always wanted to do, then you see what the guy always wanted to do.”



Statement? What is it you’re not clear on? That he withheld Vat? Wiheld Pension money? Spent money on Vanity projects via “loans” the parent company, which just happens to owe millions to the Revenue? Allthe while lecturing the rest of us on Crony Capitalism!

Spare us the quotes from the Observer, I’ve read the 3 books and putting a grubby wanker like Wallace in the same thread as LBJ is ridiculous


Your ire is admirable but misguided, Slasher. I’m not apologizing for Wallace and I’m not putting him in the same category as LBJ.

But we are a race of olympian knee-jerkers and our ire hasn’t got us very far. Because there’s a weird belief that politicians are/should be somehow ‘other’ to the rest of us. And at the same time have an 800 year old disdain for authority, and a veneration of sound bites. It doesn’t create a terribly sophisticated electorate or pool of electoral candidates but there’s a marvellous repetitive circularity to the discourse, year after year.


But you’re saying you hope he staying a TD, exerting his fraudlent influence over the rest of us.

No, there’s an expectation that politicians should be held to at least the same standard as the rest of us, and preferably a higher one. Politicians in Ireland have huge power and very little accountability, so any whiff of corruption needs to be stamped out promptly.

Remember Garlic Guy…


Whether it’s manslaughter or murder there’s a dead body at the end of the day. So it really has nothing to do with the who or the why - and trying to dissect this issue is pointless. He knowingly committed a crime, he misrepresented himself to the people of Wexford and paid himself very well in the meantime.
He’s not “one of us”. He never was.

Mick has one thing in common with Lowry, Haughey and Ahern etc and that is that HE believes he did what he did in the interests of others (edit to clarify, he believes that he always acted in the best interests of his constuents). So that makes it ok?

Before he ran for office he declared that he “owed” 1.4 million to the taxman. He ran for office in 2011, the tax bill referred to 2008/2009, his reason for doing so was because he “thought” he could pay it in 6 or 12 months - surely he realised when running for office 2 years later that he would never be able to pay it. If Mick Wallace was an “honest” man then why not declare what he did to the people of Wexford before he ran, let the people decide.

Nobody wants to kick someone when they are down, everyone has a level of sympathy for honest businessman struggling to keep their businesses afloat, butthis is never an excuse for not paying your dues to the state.

What I find particulary sickening about Mick Wallace is that after defrauding the state coffers, he is now being paid out of them.

If he does not resign then I wonder how long it will be before we hear the “Mick Wallace” defence - I recall John Gilligan using the “Bertie Ahern” defence when asked about his finances (I won it on the horses), a criminal using the same defence as a man who held the higgest office in this land. Beggars belief.

Mick has to go, he will go and I say good riddance to him.


+1. That is the bottom line. He just can’t stay in office - if he does, just what is that saying to every citizen in the country? It’s saying dishonesty and not paying your taxes is okay, and that getting paid out of other people’s taxes while you are doing this is fine too. And this “whataboutery” I’ve been reading in other posts about other polititians in the Dail - Mick stood on a platform that was all about honesty and being the opposite of the standard gombeen FF/FG polititian. To say what has transpired is disappointing is an understatement. If he is to salvage any dignity he should resign - I’ll have zero respect for him if he stays on now, and I would imagine most people in Wexford must feel the same.


+1. I briefly admired his alternative approach to things. But that’s all over now. Get the fuck out of my Dáil, Mick.


No, Lowry evaded tax directly, in the same way as MW, by concealing income from Revenue. It was no skin of Ben Dunnes’ nose whether the invoices he paid listed refrigeration services or construction work. Either way Dunnes Stores got to use the invoice to reduce its tax bill. But by taking payment in off the books construction work on his mansion instead Lowry evaded tax probably equivalent to half the amount spent. So £250,000 at a time when an average house cost about £50,000. On top of that there is the funds in the offshore accounts that Lowry lied about and hadn’t paid tax on. And there was no pretence from Lowry about it being done to keep people in employment. It was pure unadulterated greed.

I do think Wallace should resign but I still wouldn’t paint him as being in the same league as Lowry.


Wallace sounds like a perfect representative of the people to me, I can’t see why the holier than thou , did we go through some sort of morals enhancement programme since I last looked ?


It just reinforces the irritation about FG not going ahead with shrinking the Dail. There is no need for 166 of these pillocks. The quality can only improve, the fewer of them there are.