Receiver appointed to (Mick) Wallace properties



Not much has changed since May 2010


Ah correct, I’d forgotten that part.



Fewer of them gives them bigger majorities. Which makes them less beholden to gombeen politics as they don’t have to support every local issue if it’s not in the best interests of the country.


I think he should resign but what are the practicalities for him?
Does he have another source of income or would he even be entitled to social welfare?
If he was somehow removed as a TD is he entitled to severance pay?

He appears to have a lot of debt but he can still afford a holiday to Poland and No campaign posters. Now I know the revenue debt is on his limited liability company but he could commit to paying some of the revenue debt from his Dail salary as a goodwill gesture if he decides not to resign.
That said I probably wouldn’t vote for him if he was in my constituency whatever he does now.


Lets make it a double, Michale Noonan for Bilderberg and Mick Wallace for Builderberg-Gate.

Everyones a winner! 8DD

If only they had been so proactive with Bertie eh! I guess they have standards to uphold now. :unamused:


I don’t think any one of Bertie, Charlie, Ray, Liam, Michael Lowry etc was ever guilty of stealing (at least not in such a direct manner) a sum as large as €1.4M directly from the state’s coffers. Remember, the VAT was not Wallace’s possession at any stage-he was merely transferring it from his customers to the Revenue. The only surprising thing here is that people are surprised-builders are dodgy fuckers, always have been, always will. The state even acknowledges this fact by having a special tax head (RCT) specifically for them.


I wouldn’t categorise all builders in the same category, there are plenty of honourable builders out there. However certainly the majority of them I have dealt with in the past would have no hesitation screwing subcontractors, suppliers or the Revenue, usually in that order.


So the Tax Dodgers recollection of things is found to be bullshit … what a shocker :angry:

From the Examiner


So he’s still lying? Anyone surprised?


Politicians in ireland rarely resign, we know this. And when they do it’s usually at the end of a long drawn out “will he won’t he” saga

However what really annoys me is that when shit like this happens it really seems to be a case of “he broke no rules” (think of Inky in SF) or there isn’t power to remove him from the Dail (think of Mick Wallace, tax dodging, lying scum bag)

The 2nd point is probably the most depressing, how the fuck is there not power to kick someone who as a director of a company knowingly set out to fuck over revenue XX


Probably because if you were able to rake over the coals of past misdeeds, you would have no problem getting rid of all your political opponents. This country probably doesn’t have enough power hungry but squeaky clean individuals to fill Leinster House. Tax and welfare fraud are the national pastimes, so we can at best hope that our politicians have had a change of heart in the public interest after taking office, not that they’ve never been low down cheatin’ toe rags.

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Wallace gets his car towed.

Not too worried about that to be honest.

What I annoyed about is him owing so much money but still carrying on as though he is a wealthy man flying out to Poland for a match. I don’t care how long ago he booked it, that flight and accommodation in Poland wouldn’t be cheap during the Euro2012 cup.

I know of another guy (up and coming in the FF movement) who bet big on commercial property on the outskirts of a midlands town and now supposedly hasn’t two sous to rub together who is currently in Poland supporting the team.

Elsewhere I see evidence of people who I know to be poor men living the high life they had become accustomed too and wonder will they ever clear their debts if they continue to live beyond their means.


except that, it would appear, clare daly who is ex aer lingus got him the spot (at least that seems to be the inference from other articles).
There was a small article in the sunday times reporting that she verbally attacked a press photographer who was taking a picture of wallace as he left the dail last week.


I read that elsewhere. Didn’t want to drag her in to it as reporting of her is making people jump to conclusions.


It does show his sense of entitlement. “Why should I have to pay for my parking like everyone else!”


I could lose my house over tax cheat Mick Wallace

What chance of him getting his money? Sweet F.A.!!!

How anyone can support this chancer anymore is beyond me. He pretends he is sorry with his puppy dog look and his Béal Bocht. Meanwhile he is creating a nice little nest egg out of the reach of his creditors.

He got in by promising to be different to what went before, for new, fair politics and the like. He is no different, he is worse - we’ve not seen neck like it since the thieving pillocks of the 80’s, Haughey et al.


wallace resigns from technical group.


he did pay off some of his creditors…just ask his brother :mrgreen:


Who is leaking all the Wallace stuff - is it Rabo, the Receiver, a Wexford enemy?
The papers are a little too well informed.


It would seem our Worzel Gummidge lookalike had made more than a few enemies.
His pontificating must be especially nauseating to those debtors, debtors whom, it would seem, know where the bodies are buried.