Receiver appointed to (Mick) Wallace properties


Meh, most is basic research.

Next week someone will point out that he funded the football pitch from company loans (to the Wexford Yutes FC LTd subsidiary) not his personal pocket.


Yeah, like many of those other endowments made by the great and good for personal aggrandisement.


I don’t know whether Gene Kerrigan has lost his marbles, owes Mick Wallace money or lives in a parallel universe. He has written this absolute rubbish in support of Wallace in todays sindo.

He supports Wallaces independent sartorial vision with gusto. He glosses over Wallaces recent chagrain at having his tax evasion having been discovered. He ignores Wallaces reported asset stripping of his company knowing it was trading at a loss. His ‘enhanced’ salary package, his ‘sale’ of company property to family members dispite his company trading at a loss. And he thinks Wallace is the ‘man’ to bring in an anti corruption bill? :laughing:

Kerrigan is symptomatic of the useless journalists in Ireland, who have allowed dishonesty to thrive, because the ‘rogue’ is a colourful character. People will learn that colourful characters are usually colourful at other peoples expense.

Wake up Kerrigan!


Mr Kerrigan has his eyes wide open. Looking at the stinking bigger picture.


Kerrigan is to Wallace an Eoghan Harris was to Bertie


I think this is technically known in journalistic circles as “Fisking” - when a generally excellent journalist loses or her his marbles completely (usually due to frustration at the lack of effect that decades of good journalism has had on the real world), and just takes potshots at pet hates in a random ill-thought out way.

Usually nothing they write after such an episode is worth reading ever again. Pity cos Kerrigan has been worth reading as long as I can remember and the Indo needs decent writers.


“The bankers and speculators…” - what was Wallace if not a speculator? his opposition to the respective treaties wasn’t based on the treaties but his own half baked (possibly literally) ideas on foreign policy. “No to War, No to Nice” - my hole


I don’t know why you guys are surprised that Kerrigan is backing Wallace.

Wallace’s half-baked right-on “power to the people” bien-pensant political ideology is exactly in line with Kerrigan’s own. They probably know each other from protest marches against the imperialist establishment in the 60s or something.

I will give Kerrigan this, he has an independent voice and has resisted the temptation to join the witch-hunt.


No different to the Stokes brothers IMHO. Revenue money spent as if it was his own.


Sometimes I wonder if pinsters can read. Or if they can only read phrases and sentences that correspond to their own agendas. Or if they are real people or automatons, who can only respond with ‘computer says no.’ Or if they spend all their time, McCarthy-like, looking for sniffs of shades of inferences from posters, journalists, Joe Duffy’s callers, friends, Romans, countrymen so they can comfortably blacklist them for subversion (aka on this planet - not having a black and white opinion).

It’s gotten so the only decent discussion here is in the piston.


I am sorry Kate P, I don’t really get your point.

I have read and re-read Kerrigan’s article and I still feel that he is deluded at best and disingenuous at worst.
After deriding the quality of TDs, he makes an argument for retaining as many of them as possible. The whole sorry story of politics in this country since the foundation of the state has been parish pump politicians specialising in ‘stroke’ politics. I believe that much fewer politicians (for a small country), couldn’t have the same modus operandi as they would have a larger electorate to keep happy and may come to realise that trying to run the country well would be to the benefit of all.

He then goes on to support a debate on the future of the seanad. This has been recognised for many as an elitist body, stuffed with politicians on the make and those in decline. It has little useful purpose and a referendum has been promised on its future. I am sure that a debate would take place prior to a referendum.

He then goes on to defend Mick Wallace. I don’t know Mick Wallace. He was elected as an anti FF candidate, who was p**sed off with NAMA. It now appears to be apparent his motivation may have been to keep his own show on the road for as long as possible. He has been accused of VAT evasion and asset stripping, both activities which will make the taxpayer poorer. Kerrigan holds up this guy as having the virtue of ‘shame’. If he were that shameful, he would resign.

If you have a different take on this, I would be delighted to hear it.


I agree with regard to the references to Wallace’s demeanour since this story broke which is in stark contrast to the usual arrogant manner in which career politicians tend to brush off any suggestion of them having done wrong. Anyone can see that Wallace is genuinely embarrassed and seems to be well aware that he has done wrong. Plus the zeal with which his political opponents (and indeed anyone who just doesnt like the look of him) have hopped aboard the witch hunt says as much about them as it does about him.

I also know people who worked for him and had nothing but good things to say about him as an employer and all round good guy and Im pretty sure his motivations were not purely selfish (despite the inability of many round here to conceive of the fact that anyone is capable of any action that is not purely selfish).

Nontheless, given what has emerged, I dont see how he can, in all conscience, retain his seat and later hope to speak with any moral authority on financial or taxation matters generally. In terms of his public support for things such as the campaign for the non-payment of household tax, he is quite simply compromised (IMO), and it says a lot about the Irish ‘left’ that they cant see this.


Frankly I don´t see how on earth anyone could say Mick Wallace´s position after the story was broken as any improvement on the standard party politician approach.

He simply used the opportunity to look for pity, spun the story to make him look as good as possible, didn´t answer any questions that remained outstanding, got in a few digs to other politicians and tries to hold on to power by brazening it out.

A standard hypocrit - taking a slightly different approach to his hypocrisy.

At least Trevor Sargent left.


Agree for the most part.

While most of the rest seems to just go round in circles the Piston can still be quite interesting.


Don’t despair, were still way ahead (IMHO) of Boards or…hopefully it will remain that way…


AFAIK and I stand to be corrected but Wallace didn’t withhold PRSI payments from the revenue so therefore didn’t allow those he let go lose their benefit entitlements or their statutory redundancy entitlements. No stamps, no scratcher.

Also can those who run, have run or have knowledge of running a business tell me is it usual when a business winds up to owe money to the revenue and creditors. Also would they know of people asset stripping businesses just before they go belly up? I suppose what I’m trying to find out is it normal “Irish” business practice to do what he did. I know there is a problem in the building trade at the moment where companies bid for jobs with ridiculous prices because they never intend to pay their subbies/creditors.

However I do agree PtG that he has to go. In my opinion he has to walk the walk, as well as talk the talk.


@Kate P

Mick Wallace came out and said he did something wrong intentionally. If he had not said that and had simply kept his mouth shut, his intention and knowledge of the falseness of the statement would likely never have been proven. If more people felt similar compulsion to be honest about their wrongdoing and showed Wallace’s level of repentance we would be in a different country.


His shame is refreshing, but that’s not the point I’m making. It’s simply that while people persist in getting caught up in the soap opera that is one case, the usual carry-on carries on. I can’t believe - I refuse to believe that Wallace is anything other than representative of the majority of people in this country. Or any different to most of the people in the Dail. The pomposity of stamping feet and demanding his resignation - as if it will make a blind bit of difference or change anything, is bordering on hilarious.

And as time goes on, when people refuse to pay their household charges, and refuse to pay their septic tank/second home yadda yadda taxes - will they be any different? If they say they can’t pay. Or if they do a nixer… And it’s all very well to say ‘it’s not the same’ - but if the law is the law then all laws apply to everyone. The moral high ground is a tightrope, not a vast plain.

What we don’t have is a culture of personal responsibility - we’ve had enough reports in the last decade from every possible quarter to show that funds have been squandered and children have died and been traumatised - I don’t need to go on - because there is a culture of retaining power, in whatever tiny, limited sphere, without shouldering responsibility.

Wallace is a distraction.

@Enoch Root. To me Kerrigan sounds steaming mad with the repetitiveness of it all. I don’t for a minute think he’s condoning any shady behaviour.


Indeed. I also think that Ireland lacks a culture of looking at what’s good for society as a whole; people are applauded for maximising what they take out of the system, rather than for maximising the benefits of the system for everyone. Tax evasion is a particular case of this.


There is a point, however, at which we call a halt, and do not listen to “but everyone else is doing it” as an excuse and start dealing with these cases effectively.

If we never reach that point, then it doesn’t matter what is going on in the background; it will continue to go on until we choose one case, strike the board and cry no more. What do you want us to do, put up with it?

It is for this reason I disagree with the argument that he is a distraction or that his behaviour is somehow justified because of the behaviour of others. He is in the wrong and at some point, we need to start dealing with these people who are ripping off our country.

Who do you want to start with? I’m sick of hearing that we can’t do anything because everything is so rotten. How do you want to create a culture of personal responsibility?

Deal with Mick Wallace. Start dealing with the cases that come up. Stop hiding behind the lack of said culture and start making it happen.