Receiver appointed to Priory Hall development in Dublin



Good luck getting any money back on these …


So the last Greater Fool out there is DCC? Fucking morons.


Can’t be emphasised enough.


The same DCC that issued fire certificates in 2004, started to enforce the same fire certificates in 2009 and is finally bringing the developers of this bankrupt company to court in 2010 ( next month).


Has anyone got any suggestions for dealing with this scenario? The private residents are still living in the development, the council moved their tennants out last Dec because of the Fire Notice. Although work has been carried out to lift the Fire Notice this has now stopped.

Is the receiver now responsible for the remedial works required?
Does the receiver have any obligation to finish the development before selling the Coalport owned units?

Any information welcomed


Max84, I don’t know what the answer is, but I think you have two courses of action open to you - talk to a solicitor (as a group of residents), talk to the receiver (also as a group of residents). I suggest you pursue both courses, so the first thing to do is for the private residents to organise themselves.


Thanks, I believe we have a very pro-active residents committee, it is a crazy situation to be forced to live here. Minister John Gormely really needs to properly legislate the Building Industry. These issues along with Pyrite fiasco… cowboy builders and cowboy politicians!


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Hope all works out as well as can be expected for Max84.




where is the accountability


There were residents of PH on Liveline today and they were in total shock and very upset. It made for painful listening.

But the REALLY disturbing thing about this for me is not the fear these people have of eviction - as horrible as that is - it’s what the fuck happens if the place catches fire tonight. It would appear that, in the opinion of authorities, the complex is not in a position to withstand a fire. So…?


Surely these residents were induced to buy because of a fire certificate issued by Dublin Corporation, so they should countersue for their money back in court if the corpo moves to evict or enforce.

That cunt McFeely should be sent scouring bogs in Monaghan for dead provos, wearing a lifejacket certified as safe by the Dublin Fire Officer. :frowning:

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They interviewed some residents on the 9 o clock news on RTE this evening and the first family had a small girl and the wife was pregnant. It sent shivers down my spine.

It’s not only the fear of eviction - its that they get evicted and still owe the bank 180k or whatever it is their mortgage on a property that is unihabitable by anyone at any price. Its like a negative equity nightmare muliplied by 500 trillion.

Whatever about the general allergy to debt forgiveness on the Pin, is there anyone that could say they’d object to their taxes being used to ultimately pay off the mortgage debts these people have if all other attempts to get the builder/insurance company/DCC to take responsibility fail?


No, on the face of it these people have been well and truely shafted by our wonderful caring government, and i am happy to see tax revenue obtained by fraud used to support the cases if it all stacks up.

That does not give an excuse to anybody else not to honour their debts and get on with the hard facts of normal life like the rest of us have to.



It begs the question… how any more developments have been built like this?


Now, it’s not quite as it says on the tin!

i.e. A Fire Safety Certificate does not certify the building, it only certifies the design of the building as would have been detailed in both the Fire Safety Certificated and in the submitted documents supporting the Fire Safety Certificate application.

A Fire Safety Certificated is required before construction commences so that the building is validated to be properly designed in accordance with the Building Regulations. From what I know to date, it would appear the the Fire Safety Certificate (i.e. of the design was appropriate and correct).

HOWEVER, this being Paddy Ireland (with highly unprofessional Paddy Builders and Engineers everywhere) then it appears that those Paddys so involved didn’t give a dam about the Fire Safety Certificate requirements and instead just built it in their own way which appear to be inadequate (lack of fire resistance in cavity walls, alarms, electrics etc.).

The 5 year process between issue of certificate to prosecution does appear to be a long time coming but at least a prosecution is being taken. Furthermore, there is a substantial burden of proof required, as well as an expectation by most judges that reasonable attempt has been made by the Council to bring attention to and to have the builder take responsibility before prosecution is attempted.


I would imagine that once this entire property is vacated that there will be major vandalism in no time. Within a few months its likely that the entire complex will be uninhabitable and the costs of bringing it back to a livable standard will be enormous. I haven’t seen anything in the media regarding the costs of carrying out the remedial works to bring the fire safety up to standard but I would say it will be a drop in the ocean compared to what will have to be spent on the complex once it is left vacated.

Also I dont know the design of the buildings and this may be oversimplifying the situation but I wonder why it would be necessary to move the residents out of the ground floor apartments - surely if there was a fire they can get out the window and leg it.