Receiver appointed to Priory Hall development in Dublin


Bankruptcy extended for 5 years for total non co-operation … -1.2668592

No mention of jail of course


On sale now


€165,000 for a two bed?

Must be a tasty yield on that, even with the location?


IIRC, DCC has stipulated no BTL investors.


Did not know that (not that I’d be in anyway au fait with the BTL market)

Still relatively cheap for a PPR if a two bed suited so


let’s not forget it has taken the government/DCC 2 years to come up with a solution for residents and another 3 years to build 60 apartments as they’ve only renovated a portion of the development so far. So 5 years, if anyone thinks the government can solve any supply issues in the current market

for collapso porn watchers, i know these apartments sold for 245k for 2 bed off plans in 2005 and as high as 345k close to ‘completion’


It’s a disgrace that they’re even being sold - they’ll be lucky to get back what they spent on remediation works based on the figures I’ve seen quoted for this mess in the past. They should be retained as homeless / council accommodation rather than sold for €165k each for standard 2 beds (€199k I think for the bigger 1000sqft 2 beds). If they do ensure that only owner occupiers buy them then at least they’d hopefully be helping FTBs with low budgets, but if they let BTL landlords buy these it’s just ridiculous.


I doubt they can legally stop BTL landlords from buying them in the long term.


i’m guess the original BTL owners are getting properties back from the first phase so they want to keep the mix with owner occupiers with these sales


Yeah I’m not saying it’s a bad idea, just that it seems unenforceable. They can try and screen people on the first sale but it won’t stop anyone who wants one for a btl.


Don’t talk like that. You’ll have Coppinger and Daly down there occupying it for “peeple”.


I think there is a way of implementing this condition (No BTL), I remember bidding on an ex-council house years ago and there was a stipulation that it could only be sold to an owner occupier even though the vendor was an owner occupier.


Right, they can ask you if you’re an OO. But what happens when you turn around the day after you get the keys and say “change in circumstances, I’m gonna rent it out now”?


Things really reaching a low point for McFeeley … 72005.html

Big change in housing situation for the family…from Ailesbury Rd to Prospect Heights


The Dail Housing Committee is to make recommendations today on how to deal with badly built celtic tiger developments. Eoin O’Broin SF has an article in the IT today … -1.3365656

I just heard a bit on the news there. The Committee wants to give redress to all the owners of the apts/houses that were badly built but have not recommended from where the redress will be funded so as “to leave open as many options as is possible”


And absolutely no changes in inspections since this time so we can still be building new priory halls today


That’s not exactly true.

At the beginning of 2014 regulafions were introduced along with a system known as the Building Control Management System which has required, for many such works, inspections to be undertaken by an “Assingned Certifer” according to a declared “Inspection Plan”.


Hunters Wood estate, Ballycullen, Dublin

‘Don’t step on them’ - Apartment owners in Dublin estate told balconies ‘unsafe’
Management company sent email warning of ‘deterioration’
Tenants told balconies unsafe until ‘further notice’
One resident said his foot went through balcony … 89626.html

Which captain of Industry built this 5hite?


Ellier developments
A 2 bed cost €280k in 2004 … velopment/ … -1.1307383


Even with appropriate treatment, Irish wood loses its strength after about 10 years…

… I blame BD