Receiver named for Elm Park by NAMA

Bernard McNamara loves/loved his whirlybirds.

Back in 2005, when Elm Park was just a hole in the ground, his helicopter made landings on the other side of the Booterstown Road, on a strip of land owned by one his companies. That strip of land is situated right beside Booterstown Bird Marsh.

The birds can’t have been too happy about that. Neither were locals, birdwatchers or the local Green TD:

Cute hoor that he is, Bernard Mac wasn’t going to stay on the wrong side of those people if it could be avoided. So he allowed this land to be used for a childrens’ treasure hunt for the opening of a viewing platform at the Marsh:

I’d describe Elmpark as cold, sterile and tatty. Its looking quite decrepit now.

you mean caritas?? it’s a convalescence home (with some more permanent sheltered housing i think too) run by the sisters of charity. they sold the land to mcnamara for over 40million back in the day. they also run vincent’s private.