Recent Auctions - 8 June

anyone know how these went ?? - bids / tension / craic etc !

Withdrawn at €1m (only 1 bid).
Sold after for ‘a higher figure’.

Auction not until 14th of June

Sold after auction as mr_anderson said

Unsold… will it ever find a buyer? :nin

Unsold… will it ever find a buyer? :nin

Site of 66 measures as being <0.05 acres on the OS.

At 900k, that comes to 18m per acre ?

As a house (or even two / three apartments), it needs to be at <300 per sq ft (to allow for <200 per sq ft re-fit), and even then is not a slam dunk. The high asking makes me think that one of the two neighbours could be interested here (merging with left hand neighbour would help things a lot, and merging with both neighbours, would be transformational (given apartments across road).

Surprised at weakness / shallowness of bids for 119 Anglesea Road - perhaps people felt the AMV was going to be another 63 Dartmouth Square job and stayed away ? … -4/3209215

o35 - I wasn’t

89 is on the market well over a year and in nothing like the condition of 119

it went sale agreed after c. 4 months on the market

then it appeared again very shortly after as “for sale”

I heard that insurance was the issue as there is a flooding history here

perhaps that’s why this went for auction - to avoid a pull-out like 89

is it that is it hard to get a mortgage (given no flood cover)?

a friend of mine lived on this road and got flooded (had to leave the house for weeks).

however my understanding was that the council have done a lot of works to bolster up the river defenses ?

I’m convinced they would have got a lot more for 119 had they gone the Private Treaty route.

Anyone know if Grasmere, Greenfield Road, Sutton sold at auction yesterday ?

Grasmere, Greenfield Road, Sutton, Dublin 13
AMV: €1,350,000 - 7 Bed Detached House 507.24 m² to 5460 m² For Sale By Auction E1 (0.63 acres).