Recent Government row backs


So there have been some high profile row backs in recent times by our Governments. I was thinkng of some today:

-Irish Water: no need to pay for water. Biggest one by far in recent memory I’d say

-State Pension age of 67: due to go to 67 from Jan 2021. A delay, pending a review, was promised before the coalition was formed, but hasn’t officially been announced yet

-Pay by weight bin collection: national rollout never happened after delay

-Broadcasting charge: to replace the TV license. Multiple delays

-Flat-rate expenses: to be abolished in 2019, delayed pending review. Delayed again in 2020. No word on 2021 yet.

-VAT on supplements: due March 2019, delayed to Nov 2019 and then never happened

Any more I missed?


With regards to the pension age rise, am I correct in thinking that unless otherwise announced, the age does rise to 67 in January 2021.

Surely that is making it difficult for people who are approaching 66 to know whether it’s one or two years to retirement.


Yes, still no announcement. Crazy when it’s this close

Same with the flat rate expenses. That’s worth a lot for nurses, doctors, teachers. All potentially getting a sizeable net pay cut come January but no report result yet