Recession 2020/21


Where there is unpayable debt the only thing we can be sure of is that it won’t be paid.
The longer we continue pretending that it can and will then the worse the inevitable damage done when we have to realise that we were wrong about this.


One of the issues I see is that some smaller utility companies like one particular bin collection company puts large fees on accounts that are in arrears. This adds up to very large percentage in terms of overdrawn margin which is clearly predatory in nature. I’ve heard of people going to loan sharks to get money to repay these kinds of fees.

The government should clearly make this illegal.


There are multiple factors influencing economic growth, but the most common are increases in exports, personal consumption and governmental spending (especially improvements in infrastructure). Due to the Covid-19 pandemic and current global economic situation it would be difficult for us to achieve substantial improvements in export and personal consumption growth within the next 2-4 years, so we should primarily focus on our infrastructure development, as at present we’re lagging behind the rest of the world in terms of infrastructure.


agreed. Now is the time to build. Anyone can see what a waste the government made of the ecomony in the last recession




I guess we’re going to find out just how good an idea PCP’s are. There’s a pincer movement here, with people no longer able to pay the currently leased vehicle and also no one to buy the stock that goes back on the forecourt.


So there could be a build up of quite young second hand cars soon.


Tesla didn’t do too badly last month! :sunglasses:


They’re virus proof - didn’t someone post a youtube clip of Elon talking about the cabin filters…


Virus filters :rofl: and virus force fields for when you open the door


Musk is smoking too much crack same as his followers…


Are CMBS’s this recessions CDOs?


A bit late but he will not be the only one trying to sell Hotels
A lot of receivers will be trying as well
Tourist industry worldwide is in for one hell of a shock
Watch irish hotels try and gouge prices for August once the pubs are open
There will be no offers to entice people back to staycations ,rather the desire to make a killing rather than make a living